Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thinking Out Loud #72

I'm taking a break from re-capping my fitness weekend adventures to bring back Thinking Out Loud. It's been a few weeks since I linked up with  Amanda with all my random thoughts so here we go.... 

1. I'm officially a certified Orangetheory Fitness coach!!! I submitted my video last week and, on Saturday, found out the Canadian head trainer had given me a passing grade. This has been almost a year in the making since I took my first OTF class with the blog squad and decided I wanted to be a fitness coach! I contacted the Lethbridge studio owner, in April 2016, and we met up a couple days later. I started working, in sales, in June and then took my Personal Training certification in July and have been working on becoming a coach since the studio opened in October. I'm proud of myself and excited to start officially teaching classes and becoming the best coach I can be! If you are local and want to come try a free class, with me, message me!

2. I'm going to be a little busy coming up. Besides coaching at OTF, my full-time job at CTV, being a mom and having a social life I'm also going to be covering our local hockey team during the playoffs. That means my life is up in the air for the next little bit. I hope they go far this year because it's a great group of staff, and players, and it'd be fun to go far with them again. Plus, it's always fun to travel for work. Last year, they lost in the first round in Regina which was disappointing.

3. London and I are going to watch their game Saturday night. London loves the Canes and loves going to their games. I love taking him and watching him get excited. I can't wait for our date night.

4. I have piles of laundry sitting on my floor to put away. I love doing laundry but I hate putting it away. I'll even sort it into piles, on my bed, as I'm folding it but then I usually end up putting the piles on the floor next to my bed and they sit there for days! Anyone else hate putting laundry away??

5. I had a great first nutrition session with Kim this past weekend.We talked about setting some goals and one of mine is to restrict eating lunches out to twice a week. We eat out a lot at work (like every day) so this is something I really want to try and change. So far, this week, I've had one lunch out and brought my lunch twice so I'm on track! Another goal is to eliminate mindless snacking in the evening.


Alright, that's all I have time for today. Time to run and pick up my little man from daycare. Happy Thursday! I'll be back to review my experience at Barre Body Studio soon! 

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