Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Experience At Rumble Boxing Calgary

This past weekend, the Alberta Blog Squad (newly launched Instagram page >> HERE) was invited to Rumble Boxing in Downtown Calgary for a private class. I didn't know what to expect but I knew I was pumped. I've been creeping their Instagram posts, for months, and knew I wanted to get inside the ring at some point. This was the perfect opportunity.

Our class was at 1:15 and they asked we arrive thirty minutes in advance to check in, receive a brief orientation and purchase wraps. The gloves are provided but wraps need to be purchased. It's fifteen dollars, a pair, but then they are yours to own. Judging by how sweaty and smelly they were after I'm glad they were mine to take home and wash! The studio is located right on 17th Ave. There's lots of nearby parking (I found a paid lot directly across the street with lots of spots) and signage makes this place easy to spot. When you wake in there's lots of smiling faces waiting to greet you, a smoothie bar and a retail section. I wish I would have spent more time browsing because I easily could have spent some money on their gear. 

There's also a ring directly in front of you when you walk in. This is where some of the private lessons are held. Or, in our case, where you climb inside and get a group photo before you start working out.

We locked up our personal belongings in the free lockers and then headed into the studio. It felt almost like a nightclub when we walked in. There were black lights lighting up the room and music pounding from the speakers. I hear they sometimes bring in DJ's for their Friday and Saturday night class (yes, please, sign me up!) Our instructor had us line up in front of our bag and then quickly walked us through the six main punches we would be doing through the class. I'm glad I was up front so I could get a good look. She also came around to check form and give feedback which I loved! Kealan (our coach) was easy to understand, very motivating and had an amazing body (#girlcrush.)

We never stopped moving the entire class. We would spend some time doing work on the bag and then step back for some foot work (oh the lunges and squats!) Then, we would incorporate those movements into our next bag sequence. I can't explain how much fun it was but also how hard I was working. I was dripping sweat but didn't feel like I was dying. I loved it so much! Plus, it is an amazing stress reliever. Even if you're not someone who gets stressed easily everyone needs a little time with a punching bag!!

My favourite part of the class was the freestyle, towards the end, where we had two chances to take what we had learned and come up with our own sequence of moves. I felt pretty bad ass doing my combos. 


When the class was over we stuck around and took some more photos and then headed out into the lobby where EWAN MCGREGOR was having a private lesson! We grabbed a few photos because it's Ewan McGregor!

No big deal, he's behind me.... (he shaved his head!)

I am so disappointed we don't have Rumble in Lethbridge because I would absolutely make this a regular part of my fitness routine. I'll definitely be back to take a drop-in class next time I'm in Calgary though.

Here's the information on prices I grabbed off their website. I love that they offer drop-in prices!


I can't wait to channel my inner bad-ass boxer again soon. Thank you Rumble for the amazing experience! If you're in and around the Calgary area please go check it out and let me know what you think!

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