Monday, March 13, 2017

My Experience At Barre Body Studio

I recently had the chance to try the Barre Body Studio with the Alberta Blog Squad. While this wasn't my first Barre class it was my first time taking a class at a strictly Barre studio. 
We arrived at the studio and my first thought was "wow, this is beautiful." The entrance is well lit, trendy and clean. The ladies at the front desk had big smiles on our face and took the time to introduce themselves which I really appreciate. After grabbing our signed waivers we were directed to the changing rooms. The rooms are also gorgeous with lockers, bathrooms, showers and big mirrors with complimentary hair dryers and products.

We made our way into the studio (I believe there are two but we didn't get a tour so I'm not positive.) and grabbed the equipment we would need for the class. Today, it was three and five pound weights, a band, a disc and a small ball. Spoiler: Who knew some little equipment would cause so much sweat and pain, ha ha!
We started by warming up off the barre before picking up the weights. Despite only using three and five pound weights my arms were screaming by the end of it. The reps are intense and there's little or no breaks.
Then, it was on to the barre for some lower body work. Chair sits, especially while balancing on a disc, are tough. I love that this photo captured just how difficult it was. My legs were shaking so much!

Someone told me I likely wouldn't sweat much in the class. Um, yeah, that was not the case. I was dripping sweat and even had to stop to pin the bangs back at one point. 

Overall, I loved my experience at Barre. I don't think this would be something I would want to do all the time but rather something to supplement my current activities. I think it's all personal preference though as I know a lot of my friends love the low-impact workout and can't get enough. I know my legs were sore for days.

Thanks for hosting the Alberta Blog Squad BBS! 

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