Monday, March 6, 2017

All The Workouts & A Goodbye

This weekend, I was in Calgary celebrating Jen's upcoming departure. Jen, and her husband Tom, are taking off for a year to travel the world. We figured it would be a perfect excuse for us to say goodbye and take some fitness classes in Calgary. Most of my Calgary friends are actually fitness bloggers that I met through the internet a few years ago (blogger turned friends + blends) and we gave ourself the name The Blog Squad (#ABBlogSquad on social media.) We love to try new fitness studios, and classes, and review them online.

This weekend, we got to try two studios as well as go to the grand opening of the first SportChek women. I'm going to review each of the experiences separately but I will say three intense workouts in about twenty-four hours is super fun but also exhausting. I'm taking a small break from foam rolling to type up this blog post. I know my muscles are going to be sore tomorrow because I worked all of them this weekend.

In between workouts, on Saturday night, we met up at Greek Town in downtown Calgary for supper. It was Jen's official send-off party and we celebrated her 30th birthday. Jen and I met three years ago when she won my giveaway for the Calgary colour-run and I invited her to come run with my friends and me. We've been friends ever since. 

It was nice to visit with Jen but also the other ladies. Despite living only two hours away (or a few more in the case of Becky and Kris) I don't get to see these ladies as much as I would like. We had fun catching up, laughed until we had tears in our eyes and stuffed ourselves with AMAZING greek food and drinks.

I actually went a bit early and had a drink with my dad. I stayed with him this weekend and it was so nice to spend some alone time with him. We don't get a lot of that.

Thank you to the #ABBlogSquad for a wonderful weekend and Jen I am so excited for you and Tom. I can't wait to follow along on your adventures....

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