Monday, February 13, 2017

Back To Back Runs & A Photoshoot

This weekend I ran 9 miles. While it doesn't sound like a lot it's the furthest I've ran, back to back, days in months. But let's rewind to the start of my weekend first.
Friday night, I headed to the hockey game with Allie, London and another co-worker Eli. We scored seats right behind the home team's bench which London thought was pretty cool. Plus, they won which is always a plus. We met up with another co-worker for a team photo in the second intermission before getting our fill of snacks. That's what hockey games are for, right? ;)

Saturday morning I planned to wake up early and run by London said "let's not workout right now." He's usually so willing to be my sweat buddy so when he says no I respect him. Instead, we cuddled in bed with some books before making our way to dance class. They started tap this week and while the other kids tapped their feet around the room he was literally running circles. You could definitely point out the runner in the group haha!

I dropped him off at a birthday party in the afternoon and then headed out to a nearby lake for a quick 5K. I probably would have gone longer but there was still quite a lot of ice on the ground and it was super windy. I headed to Starbucks to grab a warm drink and then back to the party to pick up London.
We were supposed to go to a birthday party that night but London fell asleep, in the car, on the way there so I turned around and treated myself to a slice of pizza and a glass of wine while he snoozed. While I'm sad I missed out I did enjoy the quiet night to myself.
Sunday morning we had a photo shoot. My friend Tawnya is an amazing photographer and I'm in love with her style of capturing less posed, more authentic, moments. We planned a day-in-the-life style shoot meaning she would be hanging out with us and essentially photographing our day together. She arrived at 9am and we were still in bed. That meant our first few shots were in our pjs and I wasn't wearing any makeup. We spend a lot of mornings curled up, in my bed, reading books so it was nice to have that captured. 
We also did puzzles, played, got groceries and stopped in to Starbucks. She sent me a few teaser shots and I can't wait to see the rest.

I sent her this message last night:
We spent the afternoon at a movie (Lego Batman it was awesome) and then I tackled 10K on the treadmill while London watched another movie. Yes, two movies in one day. That's what it takes to get it done some days. 
We finished off our great weekend with a Grammy picnic party complete with dancing to some of our favourite artists.
I'm hoping to continue building on my mileage. This week I would really like to get an 8 mile run in. Now, it's just about finding/making the time. Wish me luck!

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