Monday, January 16, 2017

Working Out At Home

Rewind a year and a half ago and I loved waking up at 5am, sometimes even 4:30, to crush my my morning workout. It wasn't unusual for me to run 5, 6, 7 miles before getting ready for work. I felt amazing. It started my day off the best way! Then, I ran the NYC Marathon in November 2015 and felt burned out from the intense training. I took a break, got injured, and have had some ongoing health/heart/blood pressure problems ever since.

My workouts have mostly consisted of one hour (evening) Orangetheory Fitness workouts four or five times a week. I love OTF but I also really miss doing my own thing. I crave my morning workouts. So, I'm making a conscious effort to return to my morning sweat sessions at least two days a week. I have everything I need in my basement including a treadmill, weight bench, weights, body ball, kettle bell, medicine ball and straps.  So, my plan will be to continue working out at OTF at least three times a week and then the rest of my free days will be at home. This will also eliminate the need for a babysitter all the time when I have London. 

This weekend, I did my first basement workout of the year: I put in a movie for London and ran 5K on the treadmill followed by about 25 minutes of weights. I do need a new treadmill soon but I can make do with mine for a little while longer. The model line has been discontinued so I'll be saving up for a new one eventually. I've talked about this before but my dream, when I finish my basement, is to turn the living space into a big gym area and playroom for London. I have so many cool ideas for it!  I don't have the money to invest in either a new treadmill or renos right now but a girl can dream, right? 

Other than the workout London and I had a great weekend. We took my roommate, Allie, to a hockey game Friday night. We left after the second period, when our home team was up 5-1, and they ended up losing 6-5. I guess we should have stayed! 

Saturday, I took London to his first dance class. It's a mixture of ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. The first class was all ballet and it was hilarious, and adorable, to watch him. I can't wait for the recital in a few months!

Sunday, we didn't do too much. I had to clean the house, and finish up some laundry, and then we ran a few errands. We finally watched The Little Mermaid which he loved! I took a much-needed rest day from any exercise.

I'm off to the hospital for my exercise stress test tomorrow. I'm really hoping I get the go-ahead to continue running and training. I'll meet with the specialist when I'm finished which I'm really looking forward to. I have so many questions!

Do you workout in the morning or evening? 
Do you prefer to exercise at home or at the gym?

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