Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thinking Out Loud #71

Even though it's still winter I'm already dreaming about summer. My weekends are quickly filling up with trips, races and (birthday) parties. Why can't the summer months be longer?

It's that time of the week again. Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. 

1. I booked a trip to Canmore! My girlfriends and I are heading to the mountains for a girls trip in July. We had originally planned on Waterton but most of the spots were booked up already. I think the free park passes, for Canada's 150th, are probably going to mean an even busier tourist season! Insert photo of us eating an entire cake at a summer bbq. I love my friends!

2. Now we just have to pick a hike. I'm terrified of heights but want to do a hike while we're there. I've only ever done Bears Hump, in Waterton, which is an easy 1.2 kilometer switch-back trail. I want to do something longer, and a little harder, but I don't like the idea of scrambling and being exposed. Any suggestions are welcome! We're thinking maybe Grassi Lakes.


3. Yesterday, was Bell Let's Talk Day. The company I work for raises money for mental health initiatives through commercials, news stories and social media campaigns. This past year I've dealt with some anxiety, mainly over my health problems, and it was nice to have family and friends to listen to me and support me. I hope if you're reading this you never feel like this isn't someone to talk to. There's always someone willing to listen.

4. I'm not running Chicago this year. It was a tough decision but I'll have to back out of the marathon this year. I'm sad to not be going but that's okay. My mom wasn't a fan of me going, and it sounds like a lot of my friends/readers weren't either, so I'm giving up my entry fee and hopefully I'll get back there some day! Instead, I'll be focusing on shorter distances this year. I also have five weddings to save up for and running is expensive! This girl's getting married next year and I want it to be amazing! 

5. Remember my post about online dating? Well, I ran into one of the guys (the ghoster) last night and h said he read the blog and it was a big misunderstanding. He asked if we could met up so he could properly apologize. I appreciate him coming to talk to me about it but I'm not sure why it took so long (it's been five months and we've seen each other several times since!) 


I have an exciting weekend planned with my little monkey. I hate these long stretches apart and am eager to get him home. Five days can feel like forever sometimes!

Have a great weekend!!! 

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