Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My 2017 Running Goals

So, with no marathon on the schedule this year I'm trying to decide what my year of running looks like. Should I set a time goal or just run for fun? Should I set a non-time goal? Where do I go from here?

I've decided to set a few separate running goals for 2017.

1) Run three half marathons:

This may not seem like a lot, because I usually run more than that every year, but this year I really want to pick my races wisely. So far, I'm signed up for SeaWheeze in August. The others are up in the air at this point.

2) Run three races with London:

Some of my favourite running memories are when London is at the finish line or running beside me. I've already signed him up for the Calgary kids' race and I have a few others in mind.

Last May at the BMO Vancouver Marathon

3) Run a sub-two hour half marathon:

Running a two-hour sub half marathon was something I used to just expect. Not saying I didn't have to work for it but I never doubted I couldn't do it. I'm a lot slower these days so getting back my speed, and distance, is going to be tough. This is my A goal this year.

My first sub two at the NYC Half in March 2014

4) Fall in love with running again:

Some races, last year, were a struggle. Everything felt hard. I want to have fun and not get mad at myself for not having the same successes as I've had previously. I'm so grateful to just be able to run, these days, so it's time to just enjoy doing it!

Do you have any running goals this year?

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