Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back From Vacation & My 2017 Fitness Goals

Happy New Year!!

I had a wonderful Christmas vacation with my family, in California, and I came back home to freezing temperatures and a lot of snow. Thankfully, I have another warm vacation planned in a few months to look forward to.

Disneyland was amazing. London was the perfect age and absolutely loved everything. He never complained about walking, or waiting in line, and had a permanent smile on his face. We spent a day at Disney and a day at California Adventure. I can't wait to take him back some day. It'll definitely be for a Disney race! #bucketlist

I spent NYE with my boss at Orangetheory Fitness and his girlfriend. We stopped by a couple house parties and I was home by 12:30. It was perfect. I would have been just as happy spending the night holed up inside my house, in pyjamas, watching Gilmore Girls but I'm very happy they dragged me out.

This morning, it was off to OTF for my first workout of the year. I have some big fitness goals for the year and it felt right to get in a killer workout on January 1st. Speaking of goals, I thought I would mention a few of them here to hold myself accountable and let you know where things are heading for me this year. I'm just going to touch on my fitness goals for now and how I plan to achieve them.


1. Get Orangetheory Fitness Coach Certified
How: Get my TRX Certification, Shadow Classes, Get Mic Experience, 

2. Complete Marathon Coach Certification
How: Submit Case Study, First-Aid Certification and Finish Practical

3. Run Another Marathon
How: Begin increasing mileage in February, Create a training plan and plan race schedule

Other Goals:

1. Blog More
2. Take more classes with AB Blog Squad
3. Create marketing/website for run coaching
4. Run three races with London (including one stroller race)

What are your goals for the year?

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