Friday, January 20, 2017

An Athletes Heart & Random Ramblings

Remember how I told you, last week, I have an enlarged heart? Well, it turns out I have what's known as an athletes heart  

Tuesday morning, I went to the hospital for my exercise stress test. I was hooked up to an ECG and a blood pressure cuff and basically walked and ran on the treadmill. I was expecting to run a lot faster but instead they only adjusted the speed, a little, and mostly played around with the incline. I can say it's the first time I've ever walked, or ran, at a 16 percent incline! Basically, my enlarged heart is "an athletes heart" and something they see in people who are very active. As I mentioned, I also have a leak in my valve. It's classified as mild to moderate and something I'm not supposed to worry about. We will be keeping an eye on both and likely going in for annual echo-cardiograms. The best news is the specialist would like to see me off blood pressure medicine eventually. So, we'll be taking some steps to see if that's a possibility.  He classified me as a minor cardiac risk and told me I'm fine to run, workout and sign up for all the races!

I've had a lot of people ask what that means for Chicago 2017. I was supposed to run the marathon, last October, but had to defer because of the health problems. Now, I'm left wondering what is the best decision. I've always wanted to crush a sub-four-marathon and, after NYC, I knew I could. I've never imaged myself being a one-and-done marathoner. I know the doctor said to go for it but knowing I'm still at a risk, even minor, for health problems definitely makes me think twice.  There's just a lot of questions so I'll spend the next few months doing some more research and really thinking about it before I make my final decision. My mom does NOT want me to run Chicago so it makes it hard since she's usually always right ;) 

I did sign up for my first race of 2017 today. It's the Moonlight Run and this year I'll be sticking to the 6K. This is the first race I ever did (I was 10 weeks pregnant at the time) and I love coming back to it every year. Plus, it'll be a nice way to ease back into racing. 

I'm excited the weather is so beautiful right now. The snow has melted on the sidewalks which means I'll be tackling my first outdoor run, in months, this weekend. I have been a treadmill junkie since OTF opened in October.  Speaking of OTF, we have our Christmas party tomorrow (Saturday.) We are heading out for supper and then to my boss' house for board games. I think it'll be fun to socialize outside of the gym with everyone and their dates.


I interviewed London's dad for a news story yesterday. Funny story, I actually interview him the exact same day five years ago! We've actually seen a lot of each other this week. We finalized our divorce paperwork, Wednesday, and should receive the judgement in the next few months. We also made sure to both be at London's first dance class this weekend. I love that I have a great co-parent, and friend, still in him!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. So happy for the news on your heart! I had some tests 6 years ago over some minor issues and they told me the same thing, I had an athletes heart!
    I'm a tmill junkie these days now that we finally hooked up the laptop so I can watch t.v.and changing lol.
    Have a great weekend and fun tomorrow!