Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Health Update and Exciting News

What a start to 2017 it's been! After my last post, I ended up in the hospital. Without getting into all the details I ended up having some heart problems and having to undergo some more testing. If you've been around here for the past 10 months, or so, you know this is an ongoing issue.  Anyway, I am waiting on the latest results of my echocardiogram so please send some positive thoughts my way!

In the meantime, I did talk about wanting to blog more this year. That means, it's time to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Random thoughts here we go....

1. My heart problems mean my race plans are on hold. Yes, I'm still hoping to be able to run races this year but I don't know to what extent. I want to run another Marathon (it's one of my 2017 goals) and I want to PR my Half Marathon distance. I can't commit to when this will happen until I get my test results. I'm hoping for some answers and a solution so we can move forward.

2. I'm back as a Pro Compression Ambassador! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw my announcement but I wanted to post it here. As well, I have a 40% off code to share with you. Use PRO17 anytime you order to save. If you live in the US you'll also get free shipping. I love my Pro Socks and I love the community they've created. I've even turned most of my running friends into Pro addicts ;)

3. I'm also returning as a Mizuno Canada Running Ambassador (the only shoes I've ever ran in) and an ambassador for Momentum Jewelry ambassador. Their wraps have helped push me through some difficult moments. I only stand by companies that I truly love and these are them. I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've been given through this blog. After all, I'm just a girl who loves running.

4. The Bachelor Is Back!! I've been a fan of the show since almost the very beginning (maybe the 5th season...they're on 21 now I believe) and I watch every episode with a group of my girlfriends. We eat good food, drink wine and chat. It's my favourite night of the week! So happy it's back on tv. Anyone else watching? 

5. Speaking of girlfriends I'm excited to be hosting one of them this weekend! Courtney, the maid of honour at my wedding, is coming to stay with me for a kid-free weekend. She's a busy wife, and mom to two, and I can't wait for a few days of quality time together. We already have plans to watch a lot of tv, in comfy clothes, while we snack on some good food. She lives about 6 hours away so our visits aren't as frequent as I would like them to be! Our goal this weekend is to take an updated photo, haha! 

I hope you have an awesome weekend! I'm taking a few rest days and soaking up quality time with Court. 

Talk soon!

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