Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #70

It's that time of the week again. Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Random thoughts here we go....

1. London left this morning for Christmas break with his daddy's side of the family. I miss him when he's gone, for even a night, so long stretches are extra tough! Thankfully, I get him back just in time for our flight to California (and Disneyland) on the 24th so the countdown is on! I know he's going to have a blast in the meantime.

2. I'm still plugging away at Gilmore Girls. I have successfully avoided any spoilers on any of the old seasons, or the new season, which I'm surprised at. I just started season 5, and with London done, I fully expect to have it done before Christmas. Luke and Lorelei FINALLY kissed and I'm so happy! Soul Mates!

3. With London gone, I have a long to-do list. I have a few Christmas things I need to pick up for my Orangetheory co-workers and I want to get some stocking stuffers for family since we really aren't doing big gifts this year. I also want to complete my case study for my marathon coach certification so I can get it done and start coaching clients.

4.  June didn't get in to the Chicago Marathon! We had planned on doing the marathon together, next year, but she wasn't picked in the lottery. I'm trying to convince her to do the charity option and come with me! Now, I have to decide if I run the marathon or head to Europe to visit my girlfriend Melis, and her boyfriend Ian, for a couple weeks. I really did want to run another marathon in 2017. The time seems right but I'm not sure. Decisions decisions....

5. London got his hockey card and I'm swooning over them! I can't share them yet as I'm giving them away as Christmas photos but trust me when I say they're adorable.  He loves hockey so much! I also just signed him up for dance, starting in January, and can't wait to see him show off his moves ;)

6. London is a musical theatre fan like his mama! I've been taking him to a few shows, over the last few years, and he loves them. We've seen The Lion King twice, Beauty and the Beast and then last night we saw Aladdin. He loved it and asked when we could go again as soon as it was finished.

7. I need to pick what races I'm doing in 2017 so I can plan my training schedule. Right now, I'm just doing OTF four or five times a week, with the odd run on my own, but I'm not following a plan. I'm looking forward to following a plan and getting back at it! 

Have you seen the new Gilmore Girls yet? (no spoilers please!)
How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?
Do you have a goal race for 2017?

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