Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Giveaway Happening NOW!

You guys! I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway on my Instagram page.. You have until December 12th to enter.

First, I wanted to share with you the products you have a chance to win and why I picked them!

1. Yoga Wheel from YogDev

I'm not a yogi. Besides one-month, last year, where I was taking advantage of an unlimited pass from a local studio I don't ever go to classes. I do, however, know the importance of stretching. Yoga is great for that. From time to time, I'll do a yoga (usually yin) youtube video or just go through some stretching on my own. Last month, the kind folks at YogDev offered to send me a wheel to supplement my stretching. While I waited for their wheel, to arrive, I checked out their website which has lots of tips for how to use the wheel. The YogDev is currently sitting in my living room (next to my foam roamer and stick) and I've been using it a couple times a week. It's awesome to be able to get a little deeper with my basic stretches and, hopefully, this will help keep me injury free for my next training cycle. The winner will get to pick from four different colours. Thanks to the folks at YogDev for sponsoring this giveaway!

2. Pro Compression Socks

I've been an ambassador for Pro Compression, for the past year, but a loyal customer for years. Their compression socks are a game changer for me. They increase blood flow and help in recovery. I wear them during my races, after running (sometimes even to bed) and always when I'm flying. Plus, I love that the socks come in so many different colours, and patterns. I'm officially a sock addict! The company recently released their Ugly Sweater Remix for their December Sock Of The Month (yes, every month features a new sock design) and I purchased an extra pair (size small/medium) to include in this giveaway. (If you want to grab a pair there are still a few left on their website)

3. Tuvizo Reflective Running Vest

With the daylight hours being so short, these days, this vest has come in handy on my early morning or early evening runs. I chose the hot pink (because pink is always a yes in my books) and love the added safety and security it provides when I'm running on a street or crossing at an intersection. The vest is reflective at night but also has high daytime visibility which is just as important these days. It's lightweight, easily adjustable and comes in a variety of sizes. What I really love is Tuvizo is a small, family run, company. I'm so happy they offered to sponsor this giveaway! 

4. Momentum Jewelry

I'm also an ambassador for Momentum Jewelry but, like Pro, have been a loyal customer of theirs for a long time. I wear their wraps during almost every workout but definitely during every race. I can usually remember which one was for which race (NYC Marathon had to be DIG DEEP!) The company recently launched a Share The Spark campaign encouraging ambassadors to give a wrap to someone who inspires us, someone in need of a little motivation or just someone who deserves a gift. Well, I saved a wrap and I knew I had to include it in this giveaway! The wrap is coral and says NEVER GIVE UP. It's one of my favourites!

5. 25 Dollar Gift Card To Lululemon

This one I decided to add in at the last minute. I live in their running tights (in fact, they're the only ones I wear for running/racing) and, although this isn't enough to buy you a pair, I know it'll be put to good use! 

Again, the entry is up and running until December 12th on my Instagram Page so make sure you enter! I'm hoping to have these delivered to the winner by Christmas!

Good Luck! 

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