Monday, November 14, 2016

What To Buy A Runner For Christmas- 2016 edition

I blinked and it's the middle of November (how does that even happen?) We're almost at the one month countdown until Christmas!

Are you all done your Christmas shopping, yet to get started, or (like me) somewhere in between?

I'm actually keeping my spending to a minimum this year. With going to Disneyland (so excited) my family agreed it's more important to focus on creating memories than it is to spend money on stuff we really don't need. Of course, London and my niece are getting something very little from Santa (I've told him Santa will find us in California) but that's it. I still have to buy for a few other family members and some close friends.

I really don't need anything but there's always things I want. I've done this list a few times now and there isn't a lot that changes every year. If you do have a runner in your life and are stumped for ideas I hope this post will help.

1. Fitness Watch


I LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 220. It's not a cheap present but the perfect splurge for the runner in your life. Of course, there are updated versions now with everything you could ever want for tracking, training and racing. This is the model I have. It has lots of awesome feature; it uploads your stats instantly to an app on your Iphone and also has the ability for family and friends to track you while you're out running.

2. Training Journal

I love my Believe Journal! My mom got me one last year (and seeing it on my 2015 Christmas Guide) and I used it to train for the Vancouver Marathon in May. I'm planning on bringing it back for Chicago 2017!

3. Earphones

I listen to music while I run. The Yurbuds are the only headphones, I've tried, that actually stay in my ears while I'm running. I never have to re-adjust them. I would like to get a pair of wireless headphones, for when I'm on the treadmill, someday but these are awesome for when you're running outside!


4. Race Entry

I run a lot of races, each year, and they can get expensive. I would check with your runner first before purchasing to make sure they haven't registered already. If you want to make it a surprise, you can also give them money or a visa/mc giftcard and tell them it's for a race. My brother did this for my birthday a few years ago and it was cool to think about him, and how much he supports me, while I was running.

5. Running Tights

If there's a runner in your life, that likes to get outside to workout during the winter months, warm running tights are a must. I basically only run, and workout, in lulu. The price is worth it for me. There's nothing worse than having to pull-up your pants while you're moving around.

6. Pro Compression Socks

These are not only great for running but also for recovery. I wore them for three days after the NYC Marathon. Also, can we talk about how cute the December Sock Of The Month is?! These will be released December 1st and will likely sell out by within hours (they did last year) so, if you have to have them, set a reminder!! Use code GIFT16 for 40% off!! 

7. Momentum Jewelry

These are beautiful and I love that you can pick a mantra that speaks to you. I have dozens of wraps, oa cuff bracelet and a few pairs of foot notes and already have my eye on a few others!

8. Running Shoes. 

Okay, so these aren't cheap and I wouldn't recommend buying them unless you know exactly what kind he/she wears but EVERY runner loves a new pair of shoes!! I've been wearing the Mizuno Wave Riders since I started running in 2012 and love them! They just released the 20's and I can't wait to try them!!


  • Bobby Pins or Hair Elastics (seriously, I lose all of mine a month after I buy them...)
  • Fuel (I use GU)
  • Water Bottle (I love my Nathan!)
  • Gym Bag
  • Foam Roller
  • Sparkly Soul Headband (the only head bands that actually stay on my head!)
  • Massage Gift Certificates (yes, please!)
  • Gloves, Headbands or Arm Warmers

What's on your Christmas wish list?
Runners, what's the best Christmas gift you've received?

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