Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #68

I had planned on publishing my Rock 'N Roll Vegas Half Marathon race recap today but that'll have to wait. I'm still waiting to get all the photos from the ladies I traveled with. So, instead, time for Thinking Out Loud.
1. I'm still catching up on sleep from Vegas. I wake up and all I can think about is crawling back into bed at night. It probably doesn't help my friend came over, last night, and I wasn't asleep until almost midnight. Thankfully, it's almost the weekend and I know I can sleep in a little on Saturday and Sunday! Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely worth the lack of sleep. I'm already day-dreaming about my next trip back to Vegas in June!

2. SeaWheeze registration was stressful!!! So, yesterday Lululemon opened their race registration for their annual August event in Vancouver. It's, hands-down, my favourite half marathon. Unfortunately, a lot of other people love it too. So, it always sells out fast. I had multiple devices ready to go but couldn't seem to get in. Then, a friend managed to load an extra page so she started filling it out with my information. At the same time, I managed to grab an entry so I started filing it out for my friend Tawnya. Next thing I know, Tawnya is in but my friend kept getting a "payment error" registration. It turns out, the registration site had serious problems and this happened to a lot of people. I thought I would just have to sit this one out BUT Lululemon came through and offered everyone with payment issues a spot!! I'm SO EXCITED!! I know so many people that are running next year and I can't wait for another weekend with my girls.

2. I'm excited to get ready for Christmas this weekend. London and I plan on putting up our tree, building a gingerbread house and maybe even decorating the outside of our house. He's going away with his dad, before the holidays, and then we're leaving for a few days after so I want to decorate early so we can really enjoy them. December always seems to fly by!

3. I start co-coaching at Orangetheory Fitness next week. So, before I can complete my final coaching step I need to co-coach a few classes. One instructor will take the first half of the class and then I'll take the second half and then the following class we'll switch. I'm so excited, and admittedly a little nervous, to get on the mic but so ready to take on this job!
4. I really need to finish up my marathon coach certification. I have to finish my case study and although there is no timeline it's something I would like to have finished by the spring. I just need to find a free weekend and get it done. I can't wait to start coaching clients!

5. My race calendar is shaping up quite nicely for 2017. Right now the big races include the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and the Chicago Marathon. I am scared to run another marathon but I know I can do it!
Anyone else try and register for SeaWheeze yesterday?

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Have you ever considered hiring a running coach? 

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  1. I am so happy you girls that had issues can get in! My mom and I were so nervous, she registered Chad and I did myself, thankfully with no issues and we were done in 3 mins. It'll be our first kid free holiday - long overdue!
    We are putting up the tree this weekend too!