Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Race Recap: Rock 'N Roll Vegas- 5K

This weekend, I had the chance to run the Rock 'N Roll Vegas Remix Challenge for the second time. The 5K takes place Saturday night and then Half Marathon is on Sunday. 
Tawnya and I flew down to Vegas Friday from Great Falls (about a two-and-a-half hour drive) and ended up seeing lots of Lethbridge, and area, runners that were heading to the event too. We had to grab a group photo before we took off.
We got into the city around 7pm and met up with June and Robynn who had arrived there the night before after their Run Disney Wine and Dine weekend. The girls are I went pretty hard Friday night. It was our first night and we ended up at a VIP table at Aria night club. It was after 3 by the time we finally climbed into bed. Apparently my Snaps were quite entertaining....hahaha

Saturday, we woke up early (why can't I sleep in any more) and made our way to the Expo. Rock 'N Roll knows how to do Expos. They're HUGE and packed with tons of stuff that makes you just want to hand over your wallet. I was surprisingly well behaved and only picked up a t-shirt I had pre-purchased. I ended up seeing quite a few running friends which is always nice. We grabbed our bibs, took some photos and then made our way back down the strip to do a little more exploring.

By the time we got back to our hotel we didn't have much time to get ready before we were off again. The 5K is held at the very end of the strip so we had to catch the monorail and then it was about a five/ten minute walk to the starting area. 
The 5K isn't the greatest course. It's dark, crowded, and basically in a parking lot and side streets BUT Rock 'N Roll knows how to make it flashy. They handed out glow sticks to runners, had fire shooting out of canons, and lots of bright lights and great music to pump people up. We showed up, about an hour early, for a We Run Social meetup. The hosts even brought donuts! It was nice to see everyone before the race.

Oh, and I FINALLY met NYCRunningMama!!

The organizers took the feedback from last year and the Corrals were way more organized this year. I was really impressed with how smoothly things went so big kudos to everyone who made that possible!! Our goal for Vegas was to have fun. We didn't want to set a time for the 5K, or the half, we just wanted to finish with smiles on our faces. So, we ran as a group. We waved our glow sticks, danced to the music and cheered people running the other way along the course. We also walked when we needed to. 

As we were approaching the finish line we planned to cross together but I saw Meb handing out high fives and FREAKED out!! I quickly broke away from the group and ruined our group photo op hahaha! It was totally worth it though... sorry ladies ;)

I'm not sure I would go to Vegas just to do the 5K but it's worth it to get the Remix medal (a third medal you get for completing the 5K and the half marathon!) Plus, you get a beer when you cross the finish line. I'll always approve of that!

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