Monday, November 7, 2016

Las Vegas Bound: RnR Remix Challenge

Four more sleeps and I'm Las Vegas bound with some girlfriends for the Run Rock 'N Roll Vegas races. I'll be doing the remix challenge again which means the 5K Saturday night and then Half Marathon Sunday afternoon. I haven't run a half marathon since SeaWheeze, in August, and I didn't even race that one. It's been a tough running year but I'm still thankful to be back doing what I love. Even if I'm a lot slower and every runner seems way more difficult than it used to. 

Vegas will mark races #13 and #14 on the year. 

I'm looking forward to the break from work but not so much from London. To be honest, I feel like I haven't seen him lately. Yes, I just spend the last five days with him but now he's off to his dad's. I miss him so much when he's gone. Then, I pick him up and I swear he's two inches taller (evidence by the new pants we are constantly buying) and full of new information he's being taught at daycare. I love to travel but when he's not with me I feel like I'm missing out on sharing an adventure with him.

When he was still so little!! Circa 2014

I guess that's why I'm REALLY excited for Christmas this year. 



I am being slightly financially irresponsible and using the last two months of my money I made at Orangetheory to fund the trip. I worked hard for that money, and sacrificed a lot of time with London, so I'm spoiling us both.  We will be there for a few days but likely only doing a day at Disney (it's expensive haha!) I'm trying to make Universal work as well because they have a Minions display he would love and I would love to see Harry Potter world. My mom and stepdad plus my brother and niece, Cloe, are joining us. So, I get to take London to Disney and spend the holidays with my family. WIN WIN! I'm keeping it a secret for now!


We had our Grand Opening at OTF this weekend. After a staff meeting, Friday night, I was back at the studio early Saturday. It was fun to interact with members and sign up new clients (including my friend Tawnya!!) My boss through an after-party at Hudsons which meant I was up past my bedtime again. I really need to catch-up on sleep one of these days. Probably not in Vegas this weekend... ;)

Shopping for supplies for the party

I have tonight off so I'm planning a workout, going to watch London's hockey practice, and then going to sit and watch Gilmore Girls. I recently started that series and am determined to get through it since I've heard such amazing things. I'm four episodes in and think I'm going to like it.

That's it for me. Have a great week! 

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