Thursday, November 24, 2016



I am.... Sitting on the couch cuddling London. He woke up at 10am and proceeded to throw up most of the night. We slept on the bathroom floor and only managed to get a few hours, between us, so we both are home today. He seems to be feeling much better today and now I'm hoping I don't get sick too.

Thinking about.... Our upcoming trip to California! I'm surprising London and taking him to Disneyland for the holidays. We have booked a few nights near Disney and then will move closer to the coast to enjoy some rest and relaxation! Because we're traveling we aren't doing gifts this year. It's actually kind of nice not to have to do much shopping right now. I just have to get a few little things and then I'm done.

Reading.... My Orangetheory Fitness book. I do my final certification video Saturday so I want to make sure I'm prepared. I'm so excited, and ready, to start coaching. Again, really hoping I don't get sick too so I can check this off my bucket list!

Eating... Turkey. I'm jealous of all the turkey posts from my American friends so I went to Safeway, yesterday, and picked up some turkey meat. It's deli, and not as good as a real turkey supper, but I'll take it!

Drinking.... I love Silk Almond milk but recently I've been on a chocolate milk kick. My rookie recently picked up Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and it's amazing!! 

Dreaming about... coaching at OTF. Disneyland. Bachelor in January and the return of our girl's nights!

Working on... Creating running programs for three new clients I recently took on. My OTF certification.

Watching... Gilmore Girls!! I FINALLY started watching the series. I'm almost done Season 1 and I'm definitely hooked!! All my other shows are sitting on my PVR as I can't seem to stop watching whenever I have some free time. It'll be awhile before I'm done the whole series but I'm definitely glad I started! Jen would be so proud ;) 

Saving for... Disneyland!! Vegas with my oldest girlfriends, next June, and Chicago for the Marathon next October!! 

Your turn...

What are you currently dreaming about?

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  1. So many people going to Disney for Christmas this year! We thought about going in the new year but I think we will wait until the girls are older.
    I am with your mom, go visit your friend! A full marathon can wait, you are busy enough!