Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #67

 Wow, three weeks in a row! I'm on a roll woot woot! Sometimes, these are the easiest posts to write because I have a bunch of random thoughts I want to share. Once again I'm linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.

1. I passed my Personal Training Practical!! Tuesday night, I headed to the gym for my one-hour exam. June played the role of "Maria" and I took her through a workout in front of my pro trainer Ali. I was judged on the program card I created plus the actual workout. It was easier than I though I would be because I spent the last few weeks studying my butt off. I passed with 95% and I am pretty proud of myself!! 

2. Now, it's on to Orangetheory Fitness Training. The studio I've been working at, since June, is getting ready to start classes. I've dreamed about being a coach there for months so I'm going to try-outs next week. It runs from Tuesday to Thursday 9-5:30 and is very intense. I'm nervous but really excited! If you're local, come check out our studio anytime and I'll give you a tour!

3. I have two races this weekend. There's a 5K, out of town, we are doing Saturday morning (I'll be pushing him in the stroller) and then I'm doing another 5K Sunday (without the stroller) and he is doing the 1K. The Sunday race is one of my favourites, and one I usually place at, but I'm not in racing shape this year. My goal is to just keep it under 30 minutes.

4. I have a fun night with the girls planned Saturday. OTF is sponsoring the annual Firefighters calendar night so I'm going for "work." It's a really fun night and I will never turn down some fun with friends. I judged the calendar night, a few years ago, and had a blast!

5. Less than a month and I'm off to VEGAS!! I'll be running the Rock N Roll 5K and Half Marathon for the second time. June, her friend Robynn, and Tawnya are all joining me. We also bought tickets to Britney which I'm VERY excited about! I saw Britney years ago, in Vancouver, and am looking forward to getting dressed up and singing along to her hits with my friends. 

6. I'm actually doing a costume for the Vegas half marathon this year. I won't give it away, yet, but we did pick up some more pieces this week and it's starting to come together. We are keeping it fairly simple but we wanted to have fun with it. Speaking of Vegas, if you're running ou may want to check out this limited edition t-shirt that was just released. I'll be wearing it for Saturday's 5K!

I'm off to take London to swimming lessons (I always type these up Wednesday afternoon) so I should cut this short. Have a GREAT day!!

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