Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Ramblings....

I have a few minutes at the end of the day so I figured I would pop in and update everyone on this somewhat-neglected space of mine. In good news, I finally got a computer and should be able to blog, from home and more regularly, soon!

I had great plans of writing race recaps for my last three races, the Lethbridge Police 5K, Coalhurst 5K and Barebones 5K but I don't think it's going to happen. My to-do list seems to grow, by the day, and since I did write a little bit about each of them in my weekend recaps I think I'll just cross it off and move on.


I'm about to head into a busy weekend. I'm working tonight and have a lot of things to get done this weekend. I've been working at both jobs 12 out of the last 17 days. The other days I have London. It's tough to get things done when I went to just focus on him. Oh, and my dryer broke. It apparently over-heated and I need to replace the thermal fuse (thanks google) so now I'm trying to decide if I attempt to fix it myself or hire someone to do it. Daycare costs just doubled for me so money is a little tight these days. Thank goodness for my second job.

Besides working sales at OTF (and coaching soon) I've also been hired to run their social media. I would LOVE if you could follow my page on Instagram. I'm really trying to grow it and am starting from the bottom. I'll drop the link below if you can check us out. I'll have some giveaways soon!!

OTF West Lethbridge Instagram

I decided to accept my guaranteed entry to the 2017 Chicago Marathon. I had to defer this year because of ongoing health problems. My mom isn't too happy since they haven't determined WHY I have high blood pressure but I promised her, if it wasn't figured out, I wouldn't be racing. It's a year away so I wanted to say yes while the application window was open. To be honest, after the year I've had, I wasn't sure I would run another marathon. It's not even about the time anymore. I just want to prove to myself I am capable of doing it again...even if I have to run/walk the whole thing! I think my friend June is going to enter the lottery so hopefully we can just do it together!

I miss my girls. Without the Bachelor/Bachelorette we haven't been having our weekly girls' nights. Thankfully, we are heading to OTF for a class Tuesday and then helping Danielle prep for an upcoming interview. Even though we don't see each other as often as I would like we have a group chat on Facebook that is easily sometimes the best part of my day. If you're gone for a few hours you sometimes come back to hundreds of messages. It's entertaining to say the least ha ha!


My Christmas plans are still up in the air. Usually I would have my flights home booked by now but no one really knows what is going on this year. I have London, and my brother has his daughter, but we are waiting on my parents to decide where we want to go. With the price of flights, around that week, so expensive I'm tempted to just hold off a few weeks and get together in January. While it's my favourite holiday, Christmas is only one day.  Seriously though, why do flights have to be so expensive over the holidays?!


Alright, that's all the time I have for now. Off to job #2 for the night! I have the weekend off and I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow and actually dressing up this year!

Talk soon! 

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  1. Now I have FOMO on your Facebook chat! Ugh! Lol. Miss you girls like crazy!

    Sorry to hear your daycare costs just doubled. That sucks big time!!