Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canadian Thanksgiving...and it snowed!

I love long weekends. I especially love long weekends that centre around a food-based holiday. Thanksgiving is one of my favourites.  I'm usually with London and my family but this year I was rolling solo for the most part. I still got to eat two delicious meals. So, no complaints!
Friday night, I took London to a sporting store to get gear for his upcoming hockey season. There's nothing cuter than seeing your little guy dressed in head-to-toe hockey gear. He starts this weekend and I can't wait to start my part-time career as a hockey mom.

Saturday, I was up early to take London to his dad's and then headed into work at Orangetheory. I worked there for most of the day before spending the night with friends.

I finally made it out for a run Sunday morning. It was a perfect fall day until it started raining, then hailing and then blowing snow. I was soaked, and freezing, so I called it quits after five miles.

I ended up going over to a friend's house, that night, for a delicious pre-Thanksgiving feast. We had chicken, waffles and homemade pumpkin-pie cheesecake. I wish I had better skills in the kitchen.

I woke up to over a foot of snow Monday. I picked up London from his dad's and we spent a few hours sledding, having a snowball fight and building a snow man. We warmed up with grilled cheese and tomato soup and then cuddled under blankets while watching Zootopia (for the 100th time!)

Monday night, we had our annual Friendsgiving. 

Most of my Lethbridge friends aren't from the area and don't have family so we make an effort to get together to celebrate holidays. 

It was a big potluck and everyone did a great job cooking (or, in my case, buying) delicious food! 

Thanks for hosting Danielle!
What's your favourite Thanksgiving food? (I love turkey topped with cranberry sauce!)

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