Monday, October 17, 2016

Back To Back Races & A Night With Firefighters

Some weekends are jam packed. This was one of them. I maybe did a bit too much actually as I had a few minor breakdowns Sunday and even gave myself an adult time-out after I got mad at London for accidentally hitting me in the face with a toy airplane. Don't get me wrong though it was a fun weekend.

Friday night, I took London the the hockey game. We usually only stay one or two periods but London toughed it and made it to the end of the game (even staying for overtime!) We had a blast!
Saturday morning, we slept in. We made our way to Coalhurst around 9:30 for a 5K race. I planned on pushing London in the stroller for was admittedly a little nervous. We hadn't race a 5K with the stroller since May, and it was cold and windy. Plus, the course was very hilly. I'll do a race recap soon but we beat our sub 35 minute goal and finished second stroller over. (Shout-out to the couple who came up to me and said hi while we were waiting to start. It was nice to meet you!!)

We went for breakfast after and ended up running into a birthday party with all his daycare friends. It was a little tough for him to understand why all his friends were playing without him but after, a little bit, and me explaining not everyone gets invited to every party he was fine! We met up with his dad and I headed home to get ready for the Firefighters charity calendar night. Orangetheory Fitness was the main sponsor so a few of our staff headed there for a night out! 
It was really fun, although a little awkward since I see a lot of these guys when I'm working, but a HUGE kudos to the guys who go on stage!! 

Sunday morning, I was up for another race. I ran the Barebones 5K a fundraiser for the Humane society. My first goal was to sub 30. My second was to place top 3 in my age group. I accomplished the sub 30 but came in 4th overall. I ran almost five minutes slower than I did last year. It's hard to come back from injury, and very humbling, but I know I'll get back to where I was some day! I'll have a Race Recap coming soon on this one too. London also race the kids 1K race. It's funny how he loves to run fast when it's just the two of us and then he gets scared on race day and wants to walk or hold my hand. Thankfully, he still says he has fun which is the most important part!
We spent most of Sunday hanging out at home after we picked up groceries, I cleaned the house, we played (a lot) coloured, painted a pumpkin and watched a movie. Like I said earlier, I had a very moments where I felt overwhelmed with everything I have on my plate but I'm feeling better now.
This week is going to be crazy. I work both jobs today and then I start try-outs for OTF coaching TOMORROW! They run all week so I should know, by Thursday night, if I'm officially a trainer! Fingers crossed!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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