Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend In Review & My Marathon Coach Exam

It's been awhile since I recapped one of our weekends but I couldn't resist sharing the past few days with you. London and I always have fun together and this was no different.

Thursday night, I took London on a sushi date. I'd been craving it, for weeks, and thanks to a busy workday I actually didn't have time to eat lunch. We shared a mixture of sushi, tempura, spring rolls and edamame beans and left with a few leftovers. We chatted throughout the meal and I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to interact like that now that he's older. 

Friday, we left daycare and headed to the mall to pickup a few things. We ended up going for a long walk after supper and then played Ninja Turtles (it's his newest obsession!)

Saturday was busy. We started our day at a free public skate at one of the free rinks.

From there, it was off to the Pig and Pumpkin festival at a nearby farm. We checked out the livestock before playing some games. They had it set up like a little fair with prizes for everyone.

Then, it was back to the rink to get London's face painted, watch some hockey and have lunch. We spent about an hour at a downtown music festival but got rained off so made our way to Starbucks for hot chocolate and to grab a new book. London wasn't too upset to leave early because he met Belle (his favourite princess!)

We both were asleep by 8:30 since I have a bit of a cold.
Sunday morning, we slept in. I made us a big breakfast before we headed back to the rink to watch our local hockey team practice and then got the chance to skate with them. London loved getting his hockey stick signed and I think he said "I'm so excited" about 15 times! 
I dropped London off at his dad and then headed to write my Marathon Coach certification exam. I've been studying, on and off, for about three months so I was feeling ready but nervous! I ended up finishing in about two and a half hours and had time to check my answers before I submitted it. I should find out soon! Nevertheless, I celebrated with ice cream!

London's daddy is off to Toronto, for work, so I get lots of time with my little man this week. 
He's my favourite.

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