Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #66- BSB & My Next Race

 Sometimes these are the easiest posts to write because I have a bunch of random thoughts I want to share. Once again I'm linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.

1. I passed my Marathon Coach Exam! Last time, I posted, I mentioned I was still waiting on my results. Well, I didn't have to wait long. A few hours after I hit publish, I got my passing grade. I'm so excited! Now, I have to focus on doing my case study, then I need to take my First Aid (I already have CPR) and then do my practical. I still also need to do my practical to finish up my Personal Training Certifiation. #somuchtodo 

2. I start training at Orange Theory Fitness in two weeks! The training is four days so I've had to use vacation days to get the time off. I figure it'll pay off in the end since I want to do this for a part-time job. Plus, I'm excited about the opportunity. I am hoping to teach a couple days a week. Of course, I still have to pass the training but then my schedule will likely involve two days (likely mornings) and one weekend. I'm definitely a fan of early morning classes.

3. Co-parenting sucks sometimes. This past week was a challenge with London's daddy. We get along great but when you don't agree on one thing it tends to blow up other issues. Thankfully, we both compromised and are able to move on. I may have had a few lot of wine this week.

4. BSB are coming to Vegas!! You guys, I've loved the Backstreet Boys since I was about twelve years old. I've seen them in concert way too many times to admit a lot. My girlfriends and I are already planning a trip to check out their residency next June. Just when I said I wasn't going to go to Vegas for awhile....
I will never get tired of this photo. BEST DAY EVER!
5. Speaking of's seven weeks until my next half marathon! I recently started running again. Wow, after taking time off, it's hard to start over. I'm struggling with not-stopping and thinking I can run the same sub-9 minute miles I'm used to. Needless to say the last few runs have been very humbling. I know I'll get back to where I was someday...
6. But first, I have a 5K Saturday. It's with London so I know we are going to be walking most of it. I also signed us up to race another 5K together (I entered the stroller category so I'll be pushing him) and then a 5K for me and a 1K for him later in October. Fall racing is my favourite. I'm so sad I'm not running the Chicago Marathon next weekend. 2017 I hope!

7. Two more sleeps until I have a four-year-old!! Last minute birthday/party prep is underway. I have a list a mile-long but am really excited to spend the day with him. Being his mama is the best!!

Hockey Mom 

Alright, I'm off to the gym to finish prepping for my PT practical and then going to finish shopping for the birthday boy. Have a great Thursday!! 

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