Friday, September 16, 2016

Stroller Running With A Toddler

"Go Faster Mama!" London yells as we start out on one of our evening runs. They don't happen as often, or for as long, as they used to but at least once a week we head out together. It's easy to convince him to go. He loves his stroller and is my biggest cheerleader. Of course, a promised trip to the donut shop, or the park, after is a little added incentive.

I first purchased a BOB Revolution SE running stroller when I was pregnant in 2012. It was my splurge gift to myself. I was on pelvic rest, while pregnant, so I couldn't really workout. I was anxious to get running again and knew that the stroller would be the added motivation I needed. I surveyed some running friends and they all told me they "couldn't live without" their Bob's!
I originally was a bit surprised at the price tag but decided it was worth it. I wanted something that was easy to push and maneuver and also something that kept my little guy safe. We logged a lot of miles in that thing (one day we even hit 10) as I trained for my first half marathon and dozens of others. We've even raced together a few times.

Earlier this summer, I began worrying that now that London is older (he'll be FOUR in a couple weeks) and heavier (almost 45 pounds) our stroller run days were done. Not soon after, a rep from BOB reached out to ask me if I wanted to review the new Revolution Pro Stroller. I almost said no because I thought it might be a waste until I started doing some research and found out it now holds up to 75 pounds! I also love the hand brake and the adjustable-height handlebar (two features my previous model didn't have) There is a 44 inch (112 cm) height limit on the stroller but London is only 34 inches so we still have a ways to go in both height and weight.

My other favourite stroller features:
  • One-hand recline adjustment so London can lay down easily
  • Built in pockets for drinks and snacks (very necessary these days!)
  • Wrist strap for added security when running
  • State of the art suspension system for an ultra-smooth ride
  • Folds up quick, and easy, and buckle locks stroller closed
Find out more about the other features here and a list of add-on accessories for purchase here.

I love that we can still go for runs together. They aren't as long (usually 5 miles max) and they aren't as fast (pushing his almost-45 pounds plus the 30.5 pounds stroller is tough) but it still brings a smile to my face every time we're able to do it. These days he also loves to jump out and run with me but can't run for very long (he's up to 2.5 kilometers) so I like that he can easily hop in and out whenever he likes. We also bring the stroller to the zoo, in Calgary, since otherwise it would be too much time on his feet.

I can't wait for many more adventures together!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a Bob Revolution Pro stroller in exchange for a review post. All of my opinions are my own. 

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