Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Stress vs Bad Stress

As I navigate my way through recent health challenges I've really been focusing on reducing stress.
When I was with my Naturopath, last week, we talked a lot about good stress versus bad stress and how your body doesn't know the difference. It handles stress the same way. Training for a race, for example, can be both. You're excited to do well and possibly PR (good stress) but you're trying to fit in your runs around an already busy schedule (bad stress.) I have low cortisol levels; cortisol is released in response to fear or stress, by the adrenal glands, as part of the flight or fight mechanism. What does that mean? My body doesn't handle stress, good or bad, very well. It causes a number of symptoms including weight gain, high blood pressure and headaches. All of which, I've been experiencing since January.
So, my focus the last few weeks has identifying stress factors and working to reduce, or eliminate, them.
This weekend I think I did a really good job of that.
Friday night, after London went to bed, I hung out with my roomie and another friend drinking wine on my deck. Last time mom was here we purchased some outdoor mini-lantern lights and I finally got around to hanging them. It was beautiful to see them lit up under the stars.

Saturday, I was up early and decided to take London for a stroller run. We did five miles with a stop at the park and Tim Hortons, for a sprinkle donut, before coming home and jumping in his kiddie pool (with our clothes on) to cool off. While he played, I mowed the lawn. It was a gorgeous day.

I dropped him off at his dad's place, where he'll be for the next week, and then came back home to finish up some yard work. I met a girlfriend at the movies and then a few of us went our for drinks to a pub.
Sunday, I was so lazy and it was wonderful. I picked up groceries, and visiting with a friend, before heading home and laying on the couch for a few hours. My roommate and I met up with another friend and ended up going out for nachos and a drink.

Monday was my favourite day. I went to a barre and trx class with some girlfriends in the morning and got my butt kicked (my legs are very sore today.)

From there, I headed out to 40 mile lake and spent the day learning how to fish and swimming in the water when it got too hot. I could have stayed out there all day but I headed back in the afternoon for Bachelorette finale night.

 I know not everyone is happy with JoJo's final pick (I won't pick for those of you waiting to watch) but I really do love love. I wish them the best!

I wrapped up the night with a quick 5K run in the dark (awesome but the mosquitos were horrible) and an early bedtime.

I definitely wasn't ready for my long weekend to end but knowing I'm on vacation soon is keeping me going!
How do you handle stress?
Did you watch the Bachelorette finale? 
Who do you think should be the next Bachelor? (#teamluke)
Favourite part of your long weekend?

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