Monday, August 29, 2016

FALLing back into a routine

Oh hi there! I didn't forget about this space but have definitely been focusing on enjoying my summer and not worrying about social media. My 10 day vacation, earlier this month, was exactly what I needed. It's hard to believe the month of August is almost over and we're a few weeks away from fall. While fall is my favourite season I definitely missed out a few summer-bucket-list activities. I am ready to get back into my fall routine.

Fall is also my favourite time of the year for running. I'm not really training for anything right now because I'm still facing some health challenges. I'm waiting to see a cardiologist and endocrinologist and can't really do a lot until then. I'm still running though. I actually feel so lucky every time I'm able to get out there. I'm much slower now (almost by two minutes/mile) and my runs are shorter but I'm thankful to still be doing what I love. 2015 was the year I smashed my PR's and 2016 is about slowing down and having fun with friends.

I deferred my Chicago Marathon entry, until next year, and I'm running Vegas instead. I'll be doing the half again with some friends. Did you hear Snoop is the headliner? I'm pretty excited! If you're thinking about running, and want a discount, use my code KAELLAONTHERUN for $15 dollars off (more money to gamble with!) ;)

I've definitely taken a break from the gym lately. I find my health is probably affecting me more than it should be I guess you can never be too careful when it comes to your heart. I'm hoping I get some answers soon and can start feeling more like myself. Thankfully, I have my little guy to keep me busy (and laughing!) 
Other than that, I'm still working on my marathon coach certification and I have to complete my practical for my personal training certification before I officially pass (I already passed the written test.) I'm still working, part-time, at Orange Theory in sales until the studio opens next month. I'm planning to try out as a coach as I would LOVE to do that!
Oh, and dating? Yeah, that's still an overdue post. No upcoming dates. Some guys are awful. Online dating is brutal. I'll leave it at that for now.
Anyway, just checking in to say hi and give a little update. Life is good!
Talk soon! 

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  1. I could write a novel on online dating!!! One time a guy tpld me he had died 2 minutes into our coffee date/meeting and the proceeded to give me the gritty details.... The good guys are few and far between it seems on there. Don't sweat it - you're a fabulous lady and will meet a great guy I am sure!