Monday, August 8, 2016

A Trip To Red Deer & My First Mud Obstacle Race

This weekend, I finally made the trip to Red Deer to visit my friend Becky and her son Liam. A few weeks ago, I was approached by a PR company to take part in the Mud Hero 6K in Red Deer. I've been talking about going to visit Becky, for months, and running a obstacle race has always been on my bucket list so this seemed like a great opportunity. 

Friday night, I went to a movie with my roommate. She really wanted to see Bad Moms and I was definitely okay with seeing it again. It's HILARIOUS!!! I had planned on going home and packing for the weekend but I got called to some breaking news and ended up not getting home until late. #reporterproblems

Since I was able to bring a friend with me for MudHero I asked June to come. We made the drive together and she dropped me off at Becky's house and continued on, to Edmonton, to her fiance's house. 

Becky and I hung out at her place for a bit before heading to the coolest little coffee shop downtown. It's a double decker bus that serves coffee and light snacks with upstairs seating (and games for kids) and an outside seating area. If I lived in Red Deer I would definitely be spending a lot of time there.

We swung by the liquor store on the way home and picked up a bottle of Sangria and snacks for later. We ordered pizza for supper and Liam was in bed early leaving us lots of time to visit. I put up my Tinder on Becky's tv (thank you Apple TV) and we had fun seeing what sort of "talent" (as my mom would say) was out there. Man, I need to move up North ;)

Sunday, Liam and I spent some time playing before June came to pick me up. We were in the 10:30 wave for Mud Hero but were supposed to be there 60-90 minutes early.

I'll talk more about the race soon (waiting for the photos back) but we had a BLAST!!

We stopped by Peter's, on the way home, for some much needed food before hitting the road for the long drive home.

I came home to London and his dad waiting at my place. After eight days apart it was wonderful to see him! We spent the night playing and cuddling on the couch before crawling into bed. I slept VERY well and woke up a little sore.

Only a few days of work, this week, before I'm off to Vancouver for a vacation and SeaWheeze!

Have a great Monday!

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