Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Search Terms That Led People To My Blog

It's always interesting to find out what let people to your blog. Of course, you get the views from other social media links, friends, and then there's google. Yes, you can see what words people typed into a search engine that led them to your website.

Kris posted this to her blog yesterday and I thought it was about time I shared some of mine as well.

1. Bikini Fitness 2015:  I have nearly competed in a bikini fitness competition but kudos to people who have or are thinking about it. I post a lot about health and wellness (specifically running and cross training) but there's also a lot of photos of me eating ice cream and drinking during Bachelor nights with my girls. 

2. Bubble Guppies Life Jacket: Oh man, I'm so sorry. I know exactly what stage of life you're in. Your toddler is asking for the show dozens of times a day and, even after he goes to bed, you find yourself sucked in to the cute characters and catchy songs. You probably catch yourself singing "Bubble Bubble Bubble Guppy Guppy Guppies" at least three times a day. 

3. 16 week Marathon Training Program. Woot Woot! I hope you found what you were looking for. If not, hopefully you stuck around and would consider hiring me to make one for you after I get certified ;)

4. Little Boy In Bathtub. No. Just No. And this is why the internet can be a dark and scary place. Thankfully, I've never put a naked photo of London on here (or online in general) ever. 

5. Huge Group Of Girls! My friend June started using that hashtag when we were planning our Vegas trip last year. Then, throughout the trip, we would basically just yell it randomly. I love my huge group of girls. Can't wait to head back in November!!

6. Those People Who Talk Shit About You. Oh man, this one actually hurts my heart a little. People can be mean. I have witnessed it in my job and in friendships (especially those that left following the separation.) I hope you realize they're not worth your time or effort. 

7. Hot Sports Reporters. Um, hi. Thank you. 

8. Dating After Separation. This one sucks. My walls are ten feet tall and I have high expectations for what I want and deserve. My advice is to not force anything, listen to your gut and check out dating profiles with friends (and wine) because it's fun.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!

I got the all clear to run so I'm lacing up for an easy 30 minute run/walk today. I can't wait!!!

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