Monday, July 25, 2016

My most popular post & our weekend

Hitting publish on last week's Fat Shaming Post was terrifying but I can honestly say I feel overwhelmed by all the love and support I received.

The post was my most-read blog post since I started this site three-and-a-half years ago. It was among the hardest posts to write (similar to announcing my separation, what I learned from my divorce one year later and will I be a mom again?.) It's tough to share everything but sometimes it is necessary.

There is so much good in this world and it is important to focus on that. The most popular response I received was one of shock: Shock that women would body shame another woman.  Then, anger. The truth is, I'm not angry anymore. I was but it isn't worth it anymore. My post wasn't for them. I wanted to share what happened to me as a reminder to others. It is easy to be kind. It is easy to smile. It is easy to be a bucket filler. 

I was shocked by the amount of others this has happened to. If you haven't already read Michelle's post I suggest checking it out. There's also, Coach Suz's posts about turning negative triggers into positive catalysts.

This whole experience just reaffirmed It's so important to surround yourself with positive, kind, inspiration people who will lift you up when you're feeling down. If you're reading this, thank you. 

Thank you for being in my corner. 

Moving on, I had a great weekend with London! I didn't get a chance to write a summer bucket-list but, if I had one, I would say we're checking off a lot of items. 

I took the day off Friday and it was busy. London helped me pick out, carry, and install new patio stones. We also got a new lawn mower which, after blowing the breaker, I finally got to use.

We also picked up a new kiddie swimming pool and installed some new patio lights. We spent a lot of time outside as the weather was gorgeous.

Friday night, I had a date night (after London went to bed) and since we were stuck at my place we played games and drank wine. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday, I had to go to work for two hours in the morning. London was a trooper and watched a movie beside me.  We spent the afternoon playing at the park and then he fell asleep while June and I did a 5K run. We cooled off at the new ice rink and then went for supper.

June came over, after he went to bed, and we had fun drinking wine and eating snacks. Girl time is the best.

Sunday, we finally got to go strawberry picking. The guy warned us there weren't a lot out there, right now, but we easily filled up half a bucket in about 30 minutes. I definitely want to head back when there are more and even check out the raspberries as well.

We saw a movie, in the afternoon, and then went to his dad's house for supper. Before supper though, he surprised London with a kitten!! London is afraid of all animals so we're hoping this will help him become more comfortable around them. So far, so good.

Meet Simba.

I spent Sunday night chatting with June and drinking wine (there's a common theme this weekend haha!) This time, it was from the comfort of our own homes though.

Also, I posted this photo below on FB and apparently putting ice cubes in wine is crazy?! Who knew? I love it haha!

How was your weekend?
Have you ever been strawberry picking?
Do you put ice cubes in your wine?

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