Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #63

When I'm not running I feel like I don't have a lot to blog (maybe that's because this is a running blog) but that's why Thursday's are so great. I get to write about whatever random thoughts come to mind. Once again I'm linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.
1. So, yeah, I'm still not running. 8 days ago, my physiotherapist diagnosed me with Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction and I was told to monitor my pain and come back in a week. Well, it's still not any better so I'm staying off my leg (as much as possible) and definitely not running. I'm going back next Tuesday so hopefully I'll have better news to share next week. I'm allowed to cross-train but, because of my other health issues (see next paragraph) I've been taking it easy. I'm glad Chicago is off the table. Now, I just have SeaWheeze, in August, to get healthy for! Thankfully, I have a great base and it's only a couple weeks off (I hope!)

I miss running
2. My doctor believes the injury is most likely linked to some other health issues I've been talking about since January. gained a LOT of weight very quickly and my doctor recently discovered I have very high blood pressure. It landed me in hospital a few weeks ago. So, I'm undergoing tests to figure out the ROOT of those problems. I'm on BP pills but don't want to be forever. Today, I found out I have some deficiencies that are slowing down my recovery. Plus, we may be closer to having some answers. I have a few more tests and then I am hoping to be able to share more with you soon.
3. So, this is me for 24 hours..... I picked this up yesterday (Wednesday) at 1pm and have to wear it for 24 hours. Since my blood pressure is so high they want to monitor it for a day. That means, every hour it'll take my BP and send it to the hospital. My doctor and I will go over the results next week. They told me I'll likely not get a lot of sleep. And, I can't shower. Sorry, in advance, to anyone I see today! 

4. I'm becoming a run coach!! I found the program and just need to pick a timeline that works for my schedule. I am SO EXCITED about this!!! More to come soon!! 
5. I'm finishing my yard this weekend. Tonight, some friends are helping me lay top soil, and gravel, at my house. Then, this weekend, I'll be tackling laying sod solo. The fence posts are in too! I love our house and am excited to have another place for London and I to play.
6. I'm without my side-kick for a little awhile. London is spending some time with his dad, for his summer holidays, and they'll be traveling out of province. While, I'm really happy for them I'm also going to miss him a lot. It's tough. That's why I'm doing the yard, and some other projects, to keep myself busy. 
7. I signed up for online dating. I also think this deserves another separate post. I'm not sure if I'll continue (it's only been a week) but it has been pretty entertaining so far. No, I haven't been on a date yet haha! My friends have done a great job of weeding through the guys for me (I have a lot of screenshots on my phone) which is a huge help. Some, are easy to ignore...

Anyone know any single men? Bonus points if they like to run ;)
Have a great Thursday!! 

I'm working tomorrow (no stat holidays when you work in the news) but Happy Canada Day!!

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