Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #61

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1. I ended up in hospital Tuesday night. I've been having health issues since January (including rapid weight gain and high blood pressure) and have had quite a few tests to try and see what's going on. I went to go pick up my new blood pressure medicine and the pharmacist made me take my blood pressure before handing it over. Thankfully, he did. I had been feeling really off all day and my BP was very high! I drove myself to the hospital and was taken right in where my BP again measured 183/133. I ended up there for about six hours as they monitored my BP every 15 minutes and took some blood work. Eventually, I was sent home but told I would be coming back in the morning for an ultrasound.

2. Wednesday morning, I slept in and woke up to a call that I had an appointment at 10:45 at the radiology clinic. They told me to fast (which for someone who loves breakfast and a big glass of water in the morning is tough haha!) The ultrasound took about 25-30 minutes. My doctor's office had called, while I was in there, and told me they would want to see me in the afternoon to go over my results.

3. Nothing unusual showed up on my ultrasound. While I'm VERY happy about that it also means we don't have any more answers. So, for now, I'll be taking blood pressure medication and try to focus on getting lots of sleep and avoiding stress. 

4. I'm going to see BRITNEY!! Britney Spears in playing while us girls are in Vegas for the Rock N' Roll Vegas 5K & Half Marathon. Our plan is to go to her Saturday night concert, after we run the 5K, just in case our flights are delayed Friday. This is going to be another epic trip!

5. Our girls trip is coming together. So far, there are six of us going and there may be a few who commit closer to the date. I think one of my goals this year was to travel less but it hasn't happened. I was in Vancouver and San Diego already and am heading to Vancouver, at least twice again this year, plus Chicago and New York! Thankfully, I have a roomate that pays into my travel fund and my friends are okay with budget-style vacations!

6. My Chicago Marathon training isn't off to the best start. I got my first run in, on Monday, and then didn't get Tuesday's 10K in. I'm scheduled to do some hill training today but Coach Suz sent me a text, after I was in hospital, and told me to focus on getting better. Doctors have given me the go-ahead to run but to avoid over-exerting myself and any heavy lifting. I'm still planning to stick to my 10 easy miles this weekend even if I take a lot of walking breaks. Luckily, I know I have a good base.

7. Speaking of Chicago and budget trips, if anyone has any recommendations on cheap (but safe/clean) accommodations please pass them my way! At this point, I'm flying solo but could have a friend joining me last minute. I'm also up for couch surfing if anyone wants me to bring them some ketchup chips and anything else Canadian in exchange ;) 

8. I'm finally getting my yard done! After having a few different people come look at my property and give me quotes I've hired two guys to rototiller the yard and install the fence posts. Since, I spend most of my free money on trips, and London, I'll likely wait until the fall to finish the fence. I AM doing my sod right away though. I'm so excited to have grass but not so excited about having to cut and water it #singlegirlproblems

9. I am on the hunt for a healthy yet delicious banana bread/muffin recipe. I have over-ripe bananas just waiting to be used and, since London loves to bake, I figured that would be our Thursday night activity. Please send any recipe links my way!

Alright, that's all for me today! Happy Thursday!

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