Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #60

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1. I'm off to San Diego tomorrow!!! I will be running the Rock N Roll San Diego Remix Challenge (5K Saturday, 1/2 Marathon Sunday) with a whole bunch of friends!! Plus, Pro Compression is hosting a big after party, on Sunday, so I get to party with the crew (and YOU if you're in the's open to everyone!!)
2. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JUNE!! June is away celebrating the big 3-0 with her bf and I have to say I miss our daily text chats and visits! She really has become a lifeline for me, in Lethbridge, the last few years. I know she's eventually going to be moving to Edmonton but for now I'll just pretend that's not happening. June is funny, smart, and extremely down to earth. She speaks her mind and always gives the best advice. I'm very thankful for her friendship and can't wait to celebrate when she gets home!
3. I had to call 911 last night. I took London to a baseball game and there was a huge gust of wind that lifted a tent up in the air and then dropped it on a lady's head. She immediately started bleeding so I ran over to help. As one guy began first-aid (she was conscious and talking) he asked me to call 911. She went to the hospital and I hope she's going to be okay. It was quite scary but I'm glad everyone stayed calm. I'm also glad I recently renewed my CPR and AED training.
4. Before the game, London and I went to a work event. It was a media launch for the upcoming local fair. They had games, yummy food and a live band. I'm glad I asked if he could tag along because he had a blast (and left with so many toys I joked it was like it was his birthday!)
5. Our last night together (before he goes to see his daddy) London and I always do something special together. It doesn't have to be big, or expensive, but it's just good one-on-one quality time. Last night was no different. This morning, since I'm going to be gone until next week I decided to wake him up early and take him for breakfast too. When I told him to be good and listen to daddy he said "have fun on your trip mama, I won't let you down." So cute.
6. London is a total mama's boy. He loves to cuddle with me and cries when I drop him off at his dad's house. Lately, he's been asking a lot of questions about his home. His dad actually came across this book yesterday which I really hope will help.

7. My friend grabbed a new bottle of wine for Bachelorette night this week. If you haven't tried it, it's delicious (and probably tastes a little too much juice hahaha!) She grabbed it at Costco and then we just added our own fruit.

Alright, time to get through work and then I'm off to Calgary for the night. My flight to SD is tomorrow!!! 

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