Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Race Recaps Rock 'N Roll San Diego 5K & 1/2 Marathon

It's crazy to think I was in San Diego eight days ago. That four day trip was an amazing getaway and exactly what I needed heading into my Chicago Marathon training. I posted about the trip to San Diego already but wanted to include the races in a separate post.

So, the 5K took place Saturday morning. Ashley and I were up just after 5 and called an Uber to get us to the race (have I told you how much I love Uber yet? I wish we had it where I live!)

We met up with a few other ProCompression ambassadors (including Heather!!!) and Rock 'N Bloggers for some pre-race photo-ops. I had originally planned to race this one but my legs just weren't feeling it (I blame sight-seeing the day before and humidity.) I changed my goal to  26 minutes, lined up in Wave 2 and headed out.

I knew that Olympian Meb Keflezighi was planning to run (for fun) and so I started near his wave. Yes, he has his own Corral!! I ran the first mile solo before he finally caught up with me. 

I sped up to run with his pack for a little bit and then dialed back to finish. 

This course had some serious rollers but I loved running through the park and the crowd support was pretty good for 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning!

I finished in 26:42. 

Once I was done, I went to stand in line to meet Meb (and fellow Olympians Shaylan Flanagan and Amy Cragg.) I met up with the rest of the girls, and Kevin, and headed for breakfast in Little Italy.


Sunday morning, was another early wake-up call since the race started at 6. Once again, we used Uber and got dropped off at the starting line. We were there early and took advantage of the lack of people to grab some starting line photos.

We walked around the starting area, stood in the porta-potty line (they were long but moving fast) and then made our way to some pre-race photo-ops with friends.

I wasn't planning on racing the half and originally thought I might help pace Jen to her first sub-two but decided to run with the California crowd instead. I don't get to visit with Brian, Carlee, Katie, or David as often as I would like so this was the perfect opportunity to hang out for a couple hours and have fun.

Oh, and did we ever have fun.

The crowd support was amazing and the food and drink stops available were pretty fantastic! There was champagne, nachos, donuts, red vines, whiskey, tequila and gummy candy.

Carlee also had a great idea to take advantage of the character stops! ;)

We crossed the finish line in 2:25:56. A personal worst in terms of timing but I can honestly say this is the most fun I've had at a race!!

Sometimes racing is about getting a personal best, and pushing yourself, but it's also important to take the pressure off every once and awhile. Since, I knew I was heading into marathon training I needed to eliminate any pressure and just run for fun!

As for the course, they apparently changed it this year. There were some rolling hills but a lot of downhill in the second half which would be nice if you were looking for a PR.

I'll definitely be back to run this one again!

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