Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Race Recap: Ladiesfest 8K

Ten days ago, I ran the 8K Ladiesfest race with June. We decided to run an easy race together and, our goal, was to finish in under an hour.
I've run this event twice before. The first time, in 2013, finishing in 49:37 and again in 2014 coming in at 43:46 (my current PR!) 
This race is capped at 750 participants and always sells out fast. June and I met at the starting line just before 7:30. There was lots of nearby parking and we had plenty of time to use the indoor, hotel, bathrooms before it was go time. 

There were lots of our friends running so we spent a lot of time, at the starting line, talking and taking part in the warm-up. Before I knew it, it was time to go. 

We had lined up near the middle of the pack, since it was self-seeded and we knew we weren't racing, but we should have moved closer. We spent much of the first kilometer weaving around runners and even some walkers.
The first part of the race is downhill. It's a steep one too. While I don't really like downhill I think we both just let ourselves fly. We passed a lot of people and made up for some of the early weaving. 
The rest of the race is in the river bottom. The path is fairly narrow which makes it hard if you want to pass and once the leaders come back and you're forced to race in a single-line. I felt really bad for one girl who was pushing a stroller. The organizers have all those pushing a stroller start at the very back but it was clear this girl was speedy. She caught up to the front quickly but was having a hard time passing because of the narrow paths and single-track. We ran together for awhile before we finally hit a clearing and she was off.
I forgot to double-knot my shoe laces at the starting line so I had to stop TWICE to tie them! Thankfully, June wasn't in a rush and found it quite hilarious (even insisting on photographing the moments haha!)

The last kilometer, or so, of the race is all up hill. It's a steep climb back to the finish area. June and I hadn't stopped yet (except to briefly fix my shoe laces) but decided to run a post, walk two posts, on the hill. 

As we were approaching the top I checked my watch and noticed we were making great time.
June suggested a walk break just as we were about to round the last corner but I told her to keep going (aren't I a great friend hahaha) as I wanted us to come in under 53 minutes. I also pointed out two girls that we could pass if we sped up. So, we did. We flew by them and crossed the finish line together.

238/712 Overall
43/121 Category

Have I mentioned lately how much I love running with friends?
I've had some ups and downs lately with running. I've lost speed, I've had to drop out of races but I'm thankful every day that I can do what I love with people that I love.

My friend Ali who crushed her race and got a new 45:03 PR!
The best part about ladiesfest? You get a rose and a chocolate as soon as you cross the finish line.

From there, you're treated to a bunch inside the hotel. It's pretty basic (bagels, fruit, danish's and coffee) but it's free! 

I'll definitely do this race again next year.

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