Monday, June 13, 2016

Marathon Monday & My Mom

This morning, I had to say goodbye to my mom after five amazing days together! She lives about 13 hours away (driving) so our visits aren't as often as either of us would like.

We had the best long weekend and truly soaked up our time together.

We went shopping (obviously) built some furniture (a regular occurrence when she visits) and cleaned/organized (aren't I a great daughter?!) 

We went to Theresa Caputo's live show and really enjoyed it! Even though we didn't get a personal reading we both connected with one of the stories. 

Oh, and I also convinced her to hike up a mountain and may have "rounded up" when she asked how far we had gone..

I'm so sad she's gone and already counting down until or next visit in August! 

I also ran a race this weekend (the morning of the hike) with my friend June. Since I've been having really high blood pressure I opted to run at an easy pace. June is amazing and stayed with me the whole time (can I say again how much more fun it is to run with friends?) we finished the 8K around 52 minutes.

She'd never been to Waterton and ended up coming too! 

I got a Fitbit! I've been wanting a Wrist-based Heart-Rate monitor for awhile and couldn't justify the cost of upgrading my fairly new Garmin. I love it so far!! 

Today, I start training for the Chicago marathon! It's #2 for me after having to drop down at Vancouver in May because of an injury.

I'm nervous for the training. It's hard for me to balance everything but I made it work for New York so I know I can do it. I just have to be organized! I also want to get my blood pressure under control soon so I'm not stressing!! Oh, and this extra 25-30 pounds would be nice to get rid of too ;) 

I usually run in the morning but I want to soak up all my time with my mom. So, it's going to have to happen after work. I'm also going to see a movie with the girls... You Before Me (I'm apparently going to cry!)

I hope you had the best weekend too!! I still have three overdue race recaps to write so hopefully one will be up Tuesday!

And, a photo of London and I to end this post because even though he drove me crazy yesterday I always miss him when he's at daycare.

Have a great day!! 

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