Monday, June 20, 2016

Chicago Marathon Update and some good news...

Let's just get right to it. 
I deferred my entry for the Chicago Marathon. 
This literally just happened, this morning, so I'm still a little upset about it but know it's the right decision. My health problems are still one big mystery and I was advised it's not a good idea until they're figured out. Thankfully, my blood pressure is going down but I'm on medication. I also have a few other lingering problems (dizzy spells, labored breathing, weight gain.) We still haven't got to the root of the problem. So, I cancelled my flights (yay for travel insurance) and deferred my entry and now I am running Chicago 2017! My gut told me it's the right decision so, as upset as I am, I know I'm making the best decision for me. I was excited (and a little nervous) to run another marathon. I hope to have a lifetime of running, and races, so one year isn't a big issue in the grand scheme of things... **runs to drink wine** (<kidding, I'm not drinking on my BP pills. Please, send cookies.)
Thankfully, I can still run but need to keep it slow and monitor my heart rate.
I had a great weekend though!!
Friday night, I went for a walk and grabbed a Dairy Queen sundae and settled in to start Season 4 of Orange Is The New Black! It was the perfect R&R night!
Saturday, I was up early for my long run. I had 10 miles on the schedule but wasn't sure if my legs, or my brain, was going to be up for it. I've had some tightness in my calves since coming back from San Diego (I'm not falling apart, I swear) and it was still lingering even after my massage. I kept it night and easy and listened to a podcast while running around the city.
I came home, grabbed a shake (I'm LOVING the new Vega performance protein (chocolate flavour) and made some eggs and toast.
After breakfast, I went to see my friend Melis. She was having a garage sale as she's moving to Dublin in a few weeks :(
I met Jarod and London for a movie in the afternoon. We saw Finding Dory and it's adorable. I love that I have an excuse to watch kids movies now! ;)
Saturday night, we had an impromptu girls night to celebrate Tijana and Allie's birthdays and Melissa's upcoming move. We ate lots, chatted, laughed and danced until the early morning hours. It was so much fun!
Despite my 3:30 bedtime I was still up at 8 o'clock Sunday morning. I made breakfast, did some laundry, and went and picked up some groceries. I'm trying to make one new recipe, a week, right now so I picked up the ingredients for a treat from the Oh She Glows vegan cookbook to make for bachelor night tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out!
In the afternoon, I walked over to a new rink to meet Jarod and London to go ice-skating. We had supper at my place and celebrate Father's Day as a family. We may not be together anymore (I was goign to write married, but we actually haven't filed for divorce yet haha) but he's still one of my best friends and I'm thankful to have him as a co-parent!)
London watched a movie while Allie and I watched another episode of OITNB (thoughts on this season?)
Time to finish up work and then get ready for Bachelorette night with the girls! I'm so excited to see what happens to Chad now that (spoiler alert) he's been sent packing!

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  1. Tough choices, Kaella. I know it sucks, but you are so wise to defer. You are young and there are lots of marathon years ahead!

    Also - I am very excited to start the new season of OITNB!! I'll let you know what I think ;)