Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #59

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1. Working out with friends will also be better than working out alone. I spend a lot of (very) early mornings pounding out miles on my treadmill while London sleeps. Anytime London is with this dad I try and get together with friends to run or workout. Last night, I did both with my friend Tawnya. She's training for her first half marathon and asked me to make her a plan to get back to running (she had her second baby late last year.) I love that so many of my friends have started running in the past couple years....

We ran three miles at the track and then sweated our way through a chest, arms and abs workout. It was hard but I loved having her there to push me and vice versa. We already have another date set up for next week.
2. I'm excited to host my first We Run Social meet-up this weekend with Ange and Becky. It's being held THIS Saturday outside the Big Four building on the Stampede Grounds (where you pick up your race package for the Calgary Marathon) at 10:30am!! If you're running, volunteering or spectating come say hi! We'll be taking lots of photos for the interwebs and giving away lots of prizes!

3. Speaking of this weekend. I'm actually considering dropping down to the 10K. I could do a half marathon and probably be fine but my back has been acting a little funny lately. I've had a massage and gone to the Chiropractor for a re-adjustment but it's still not 100% (don't worry mom, it's not bad but I'm just being safe before Chicago marathon training starts!) We'll see how I'm feeling Saturday before I make the final decision. Hopefully it's not sold out by then!

4. 8 days until I am off to San Diego!!! Next Friday, I'm heading to San Diego with AshleyJen and her husband Tom. We're running the Rock N Roll San Diego races (I'm doing the 5K Saturday and 1/2 Sunday) but we also have a lot of other fun things planned including a MLB Padres games, walk at the beach AND a Pro Compression post-race meet-up! It's for EVERYONE so if you're going to be in the area Sunday please come say hi!!

5. I finished my CanFit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist last weekend and now it's time to buckle down and start studying. Even though it's a lot of work I'm excited to get it done and be able to teach. If anyone has ever taken the course I would love to hear your take on it! Are you teaching now?
6. There's a new group fitness studio coming to Lethbridge!!! Orange Theory Fitness is scheduled to open in the early fall. I was able to take a class with the blog squad last month and absolutely LOVED it! I can't wait!! Pre-sales are expected to start in a few weeks and apparently they're going to have some CRAZY sales! I'll definitely be signing up!

Alright, time to get to work! Have a great Thursday!

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