Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Race Recap: St. Patrick's Island Fun Run

This week I had the chance to take part in a new Calgary race!

The inaugural St. Patrick's Island Fun Run was held Saturday. As part of my role as a ForeRunner (ambassador) for the Calgary Marathon I was given two complimentary entries. I knew I wanted to take London since it was Mother's Day weekend and I thought it would be a fun adventure. Plus, it was another opportunity to see all my lovely ladies that live in Calgary!

Early Saturday morning, after a brief stop at Starbucks, June, London and I drove the two hours to the race. It was easy to find (thank you google maps) and we were able to park about a two-minute walk from the starting area. We used the washrooms in a nearby cafe (there were no porta potty's at the start) and then headed over to meet the rest of the group. Unfortunately, there were some problems with a closed pedestrian bridge so they ended up showing up only a few minutes before it was go time.
We all got in line, took a pre-race photo, and were off!

Our plan was to run together but since Leigh and I had strollers, and we were running on a small path, I found it easier to just stick in smaller groups. Leigh, Leslie, June and I kept together and Brie, Becky and Ange were right behind.

The course started with a short out-and-back section along the river before we crossed over the George C. King bridge (we were welcomed by a lady playing her ukulele which was really cool) and ran a loop around St. Patrick's Island. 

We finished right underneath this rise in the park. June and I were slightly disappointed by the (advertised) path of tiki torches that were supposed to line the route haha!

If you're local and haven't been to the island yet please do! It recently underwent a huge restoration because of flood damage. It opened, last year, and now features a playground, public art piece, picnic grove, amphitheater and the rise that offers some of the best views in the city.
I would love to go back and have a picnic, in the park, with London some time!

As I mentioned, the race wasn't chip timed but I was wearing my Garmin and we finished in just under 26 minutes. We were handed Popsicle sticks, when we crossed the finsh line (which listed our place) and presented leis. We made our way to a table and grabbed some water and a banana.

The race had a food truck serving free food for participants, but unfortunately there were no vegetarian options. I ended up getting a bun with coleslaw and was grateful I had thought to pack some snacks. There was a stroller division for the event but children weren't given a food ticket. Thankfully, a stranger gave us his extra one when we went to order. The lineup, for the food, took about 40 minutes. Since it was smoking hot, we all were very grateful to find some shade to sit it to eat and chat.

The event also served as a reveal for the Calgary Marathon medals. This year, there is a Super hero theme. I LOVE them (especially the ribbons) and I'm excited for London and I to earn ours in less than three weeks (ahhh!) Now, I just have to figure out which super hero I want to dress up as!

It was wonderful to spend some time with the other Calgary Marathon ForeRunners! Check out their stories (and social media links) here.

I chatted with the girls for awhile while London, Liam and Sully got out some of their energy. Just after 1 o'clock we decided to head out. We walked the five-ten minutes back to our car and made a brief stop at Village Ice Cream before hitting the road. 

I think he's made about choosing Vanilla because two minutes after this photo was taken he asked to switch....

I would consider doing this race again but only if my friends were there. It's a great excuse to spend the day, outside, with people you love. I would definitely like to see more food options (vegetarian and kid friendly) for next year though.

Who's running the Calgary Marathon?
Have you ever dressed up, in costume, for a race?

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