Friday, May 27, 2016

Fitness Friday

I'm a little late getting this up today. I am going to blame a crazy work night followed by a necessary glass of wine with a friend. Today, has been equally as crazy. My boss is on vacation so this always seem to happen. No complaints here though. My day has FLOWN by and I'm one step closer to taking off to Calgary for the Calgary Marathon Sunday. I decided to drop down to the 10K after some weird back pain the last couple weeks. Thankfully, it seems to have almost completely subsided but with San Diego Remix Challenge, next weekend, I'm okay taking it easy.

I have no goals but I do want to try and test my speed a little. My current 10K PR is over a year old from the Run For Women last May and is 51:39. I don't think I'm quite in PR shape yet but I am focused on gaining some of the speed back I lost during my injury/rehab/recovery earlier this year. I don't race the 10K distance often so I'm actually really excited and not at all nervous. I think I'm most excited about cheering on so many of my friends who are also racing AND getting to the finish line to see London an hour earlier than if I was still doing the half ;)

Here's what my workouts looked like this week. Again, I'm really taking it easy until Chicago Marathon starts again in the middle of June. I'm hoping to keep my weekly base miles around 20 until then (I'm a little short this week since I was resting my back.)

Monday, May 23rd
3 miles Easy Pace

Tuesday, May 24th
30 minute park strength workout 

Wednesday, May 25th
3 miles Easy Pace (with some intervals thrown in)
45 minute arms, chest and core workout

Thursday, May 26th
2 miles Easy Pace

Friday, May 27th

Saturday, May 28th

Sunday, May 29th
10K Race
1.2 K Kids Race (with London!)
Who's racing this weekend?
Any exciting plans?
We Run Social meetup at the Calgary Marathon is TOMORROW!! Please come say hi!!

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