Friday, May 20, 2016

Fitness Friday

I was texting with my friend, June, last night about our running plans for the week. It makes me smile every time she sets, and accomplishes, a new goal. The first time we met, a couple years ago, she was a yogi thinking about signing up for SeaWheeze. Now, she's crushing multi-weekday runs and always signing up for new races. Anyway.... I was saying that I wasn't sure what my plan was for my run today. I usually take Friday's off because that's what coach had me do. It made me realize I really do missing have a training plan.
I'm excited to start training for the Chicago Marathon in a few weeks!! For now, I'm just trying to keep my miles around 20 a week with the odd group fitness class. My body is grateful for the downtime and recharge.
Sunday, May 15th
10 Mile Run 1:39:05 (9:54)

Monday, May 16th
Tuesday, May 17th
5 Mile Run 47:44 (9:32)

Wednesday, May 18th
30 minute strength training

Thursday, May 19th
5 miles 52:19 (9:31)

Friday, May 20th
Saturday, May 20th
6 Miles Run (Easy Pace)
Sunday, May 21st
Body Pump class
3 mile run

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