Monday, May 30, 2016

Calgary Marathon Weekend

I had plans to write this post, before bed, last night but my head hit the pillow at 10 and I was out. I guess that's a sign of a fun weekend!

Friday night, London and I went to the mall to pick up the last couple pieces of my race costume for Sunday. We ended up getting a Batman shirt for a dollar (score) and a mask and gloves for 10 (not bad!) We grabbed some supper and then walked to a nearby park to play. While he had a bath, layer, I packed for our trip to Calgary.

We were up early and out the door by 7:45. After a quick trip to Starbucks we were on the road to the Calgary Marathon Expo. I was hosting a We Run Social meetup, alongside Ange and Becky, and wanted to get there early.

We didn't have as big of a turnout as we hopes but it wasn't bad for the first time! I was so thrilled to chat with those who did come though!! We had fun talking about our upcoming races and getting to know each other. 

After the meetup, we spent some time walking around the expo. I had promised London a trip to the zoo so we didn't stay long. 

After the zoo, we met up with Melis and Ian any Village Ice Cream. These guys are moving, soon, and I can't express how much we are going to miss them!!! 

We spent the night at my dad and Stepmom's house watching a movie and going for a walk. We were in bed just after 9.

I was awake before my alarm went off Sunday. I left London sleeping and headed down to the grounds around 6am. The race ambassadors had planned to meet up at 6:30 for a photo so I want to be there for that. 

A few days ago, I made the decision to drop to the 10K. I'm glad I did. The race went well and I finished in 55:01 (full recap to come this week.)

Then, it was time to cheer on my friends and eventually head over to the kids race.

London and I were down at the grounds until about noon cheering people on. It was such a fun day and I love watching races! 

We headed for coffee with some friends, after, and then to a local breakfast place (Monki) for AMAZING food!! I'm still dreaming about those hash browns and the banana Nutella stuffed French toast we all split for dessert!!

We didn't get back to the city until 5 so I drove straight to London's dad's house
for drop-off (ugh, it's so hard) and then home. My roomie was waiting for me and suggested we ordered pizza so we did! I haven't seen her in awhile because of our conflicting schedules so it was so awesome to catchup!! 

I have another busy week ahead PLUS I'm heading to SAN DIEGO at the end of the week!! So excited!!!!!

How was your weekend?
Anyone else race? How did it go?

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