Monday, May 9, 2016

A Goodbye, A Race & Mother's Day

I'm laying in bed listening to the rain, Sunday night, writing this. Growing up in Vancouver, there's something comforting about the sound of it. Even the smell of it brings back so many memories. It's been so dry lately and, with fires up North, we need the moisture.

This is a great end to a wonderful and busy weekend.

Friday night, I went and saw "Mother's Day" in the theatre. It had a star-studded cast and multiple, inter-mixed story lines, and was really cute! I found myself smiling a lot. Then, I headed home and picked up my roommate and we were off to a going away party for another girl in the media. The things about our business is people rarely stay put for very long so it seems like we are always welcoming someone new and saying goodbye to someone else.

Since, we both had an early morning, we didn't stay late.

Saturday morning, June joined London and I as we headed to St. Patrick's Island for the inaugural fun run being put on by the Calgary Marathon society. I'll have a race recap soon but I really enjoyed it. I think it helped all my Calgary ladies joined us and I always have fun with them! 

Saturday afternoon,  I ended up having to take London to the hospital for another ear infection. Thankfully, we were in and out in less than an hour and able to sit outside and enjoy a BBQ on the deck while soaking up the gorgeous weather.

We ended up chatting with our neighbours for a bit and discussed plans to build a fence. I can't wait to have it done soon so we can play outside without worrying about London running into the lane. Fence and sod are next up on the house to-do list.

Sunday morning, I woke up an hour before London so I just enjoyed some quiet time reading while he slept. When he did get up he remembered it was Motner's Day and gave me the biggest hug and kiss!

I made us a yummy breakfast before we got to work cleaning the house. My floors were in desperate need of attention and London offered to help. He also got to work cleaning the kitchen which seems to stay clean for all of 10 minutes around here!

London gave me a card he had made me, with the reasons he loves me (including because I run with him) and a receipt for a blueberry mojito from the daycare ladies.

We spent the rest of the day mini-golfing and planting our garden. London may be too young to buy me flowers but he did a great job picking out the ones he wanted for our garden. 

I had supper with London and his dad, and then we played hockey and had a dance party. After that, it was time to leave. I had planned to go for a 5-6 mile run but the weather had other ideas. Since it was pouring, I kept it to 25 minutes. I could have skipped it but running is so important when I'm missing London. It helps me deal with the sadness and focus on doing something just for me. 

I'm so lucky to be a mama! It's the most rewarding job and something I dreamt about for years. I only hope I can be a mom to more children someday. 

Anyway. I'm off to bed but I hope you have a great week! Mine is going to be busy! Besides work, and running, I have a CPR class, Circus Aerial fitness class, a concert and my Group Fitness certification course.

Chat soon! 

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