Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Race Recap: Coaldale 5K

This is my fourth time running the Coaldale Family Fun Run. It's a really well organized race with a nice, flat, course and medals for the top three finishes in each age group. I placed second in 2014 but haven't been able to crack the top 3 since! 
My goal was to try and get a sub 25.
As much as I'm SO HAPPY with where my running is now post-injury (compared to a few months ago) I'm definitely not as fast as I was this time last year. That's something I hope to focus on after the BMO Vancouver Marathon in 11 days (crazy how that creeped up on me!)
Anyway, so I've never been one to warm up before a race. I would see people running/jogging beforehand and used to think they were crazy. I wanted to hold on to every ounce of energy I had for when the gun went off. This time was a little different.
Coach Suz had me tackling 12 miles that day. She had it scheduled so I did four miles before the race started and then almost five after. Well, this was going to be a challenge.
So, I arrived to the race site early (it's about a 25 minute drive from my house) and parked my car near the start/finish area and set out for my four miles. I decided to do two miles, out and back, since I don't know the area very well and figured that's always easier for me when I don't want to have to plan out a route.

I finished the four miles in 38:21 and had about half an hour to kill before the start of the race. I used the bathroom, chatted with friends, and then headed to the starting line about five minutes early. This is a family-orientated race so a lot of young children were lined up at the very front. I tried to keep to the far right so I wouldn't run over them (it wasn't necessary though, kids are FAST!!)
I chatted with a few friend at the starting line and we all talked about our love/hate relationships with 5K races. They're over fast but you're pretty much pushing yourself to your limit the entire time.

I could tell from the minute the race started it wasn't going to be a PR day for me (my current PR is 23:42 from last August.)
My legs felt a little heavy and I was dodging quite a few people. Plus, it started on a slight incline. I'm never a fan of races that start on an uphill. 
The course was different this year but still was mostly gravel roads. We did get to run by some horses, at one point, which was awesome and took my mind off the fact I was pushing so hard but wasn't hitting the sub 8 numbers I wanted to after the first mile.
Mile 1- 7:47
Mile 2- 8:23
Miles 3- 8:23
I love that the race has a little out and back portion so I can cheer on my friends.
I saw my friend Katie, her husband, Nicole and a few others which really helps keep you motivated!
I sprinted to the finish and crossed the finish line at 25:24 (8:10 average)

I finished 5th in my category
15th woman
43rd overall

After I crossed the finish line, I grabbed some water and sat down near the finish line so I could wait for my friends Tawnya and Nicole to finish. At one point, Nicole's son Roman joined her for the stretch. I snapped some photos as I teared up. Roman and London are the same age and it made me happy for them and really miss London.

Tawnya and her family were right behind them. They ran as a family and did such as awesome job!

I can't wait to run this race next year and hopefully crack that top 3 again! I probably won't run 4 miles before and 5 miles after though. I was BEAT! ;) 

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