Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fitness Friday

You guys, I finally have that head cold that seems to have hit everyone around me in the last few weeks. I really thought I was in the clear but then I woke up Thursday morning sick. It's not terrible, at this point, but I am definitely feeling it. I am not so sure what that means for my race tomorrow. I may just have to focus on the distance and not going all-out.

Time for another edition of Fitness Friday.

Linking up with Kris at Canadian Girl Runs

Monday, April 11th

10 minute walking warmup, 45 minutes (Easy Pace) and 6 Strides
5 miles- 47:32- 9:30 (average/mile)

Tuesday, April 12th

10 minute walking warmup, Dynamic Stretches, 50 minute caterpillar run (2 minute Easy & 45 second surge.)
5.8 miles- 55:00- 9:29 (average/mile)

1 Hour Yoga Class (Evening)
1 Hour Barre Class (Evening)

Wednesday, April 13th

10 minute walking warmup & Easy 5K
3.11 miles- 31:09- 9:58 (average/mile)

Thursday, April 14th

Unplanned Rest Day (sick)

Friday, April 15th

Rest Day

Saturday, April 16th

12 miles (including 5K race)

Sunday, April 17th

Active Rest Day

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