Monday, April 18, 2016

A Roomie Night, A Race & A Gorgeous Sunday

Once again, it's Monday morning and I can't believe another weekend has come and gone.
Friday night, I ended up coming home from our photo shoot, in Calgary, early and instead of going out spend the night on the couch (in pjs) with my roomie. We ate snacks and watched the new season of Unbreakable. It was the perfect night. I'm so happy Allie is living with me. She's so sweet and fun and London and I adore her!  The photo shoot was really fun and I'm excited to see which photos they choose!

Saturday morning I was up early to eat breakfast and chug some water. I had a 12 mile on the schedule with a 5K race sandwiched in the middle. I headed out to Coaldale (about a 25 minute drive) around 8:30 and got in 4 miles before heading to the start of the race. 

I'll have a full recap of the race, later this week, but I was fairly happy with how I did.
5th place in my category, 15th woman overall.
25:24 (8:10/average)

After the race, I headed out to run another 5 miles.
I was so hungry after so I popped into a nearby bakery and grabbed a sandwich and a piece of cheesecake!
Saturday afternoon, I decided to rest my legs and lay in bed with a show. Turns out, I was exhausted, I ended up falling asleep for two hours (this NEVER happens!)
I quickly bbq'd some supper, got ready, and headed to a nearby pub for a local media night a co-worker and I had organized. Despite, feeling like I was ready for a "big night out" I ended up bailing before midnight. I guess I just wan't feeling it. #old

Sunday morning, June texted me at 7:30 (we're both old) and asked if I wanted to grab brunch. Obviously, I will never say no to food. I did laundry and cleaned a bit until she picked me up just before 10.
Brunch was delicious!!

I did some grocery shopping and relaxed before heading down to the river bottom for a couple hours with another friend. The weather was gorgeous and we just walked around before collapsing in the shade and chatting. 
I met up with London and his dad in the late afternoon for a swim and pizza date. We were all pretty wiped after that so it was an early bedtime for London and I.
How was your weekend?

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