Monday, April 11, 2016

A road trip, a race and a new workout!

Friday night I met Melissa, June and Allie for supper at Earls. We shared appies, and deserts, and drank out of bear glasses. There was lots of laughs and I could have stayed for hours if I didn't have to do laundry and pack. We called it "carb-loading" since I had a long run and "race" the next day.

Saturday morning, I woke up with terrible stomach cramps. I hit snooze and laid in bed hoping they would disappear. Thankfully, they got a little bit better so I got dressed and packed up the vehicle. 
My plan was 6 miles solo and then 4 miles, with friends, as part of a local race. I had no plans to race and instead planned to pace them and keep the 4 miles around 40 minutes. 

I finished my solo six with about 25 minutes to spare, met the girls, took photos, and we were off running!

Race recap to come tomorrow.

After the race, London and I were off to Calgary for the night. We arrived at Brie's around 2 and London and her boy Sully played for a bit before it was time for us to head to our class. Brie's husband, Jim, graciously offered to watch the boys while we went to an Orange Theory class. London had a blast and we were gone long (it was my first time leaving him with someone besides family and daycare!)

Orange Theory was amazing and I would love if they would open one in Lethbridge!! I'm still sore today! What's awesome is we did it as part of a "local bloggers" group so I got to see so many of my friends and meet some new girls who I have been interacting with, online, for years!! 

After class, I picked up London and headed to dinner with most of the girls from class. 

London and I called it an early night as we had a busy Sunday ahead of us. We were up early (6 am because I can't sleep in anymore) and London decided to wake Brie and her family up by crawling into bed with them while I was in the bathroom!! Thankfully, he waited until 8 o'clock! Jim cooked us pancakes and then we packed up and headed to the zoo! 

Since we bought annual memberships I want to try and take advantage of them. London and I had a blast and I got another workout since he insisted on having me push him in the stroller the whole day. 

finally convinced London to try the carousel and he loved it!!

He even got to be on stage for a dinosaur play! He volunteered and walked right on stage with no problems. My little guy may be shy and quiet sometimes but he certainly loves to try new things!

We left after the zoo and London slept the whole drive home. I probably could have used a nap myself as I was pretty worn out too!

We stopped at a park for a few minutes before heading to London's daddy's house for supper. 

It was bath time when we got home. That's when I noticed what I thought was a sunburn was actually a rash and was spreading. Shortly after, London was complaining of a tummy ache and don't make it to the bathroom in time (not like him!) So, after another bath and cleaning the floors, it was straight to bed with medicine. Here's hoping he wakes up feeling better today! 

Poor little guy ended up falling asleep on my stomach last night because he insisted on cuddling mama.

How was your weekend? 

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