Monday, April 11, 2016

4 Mile Road Race- Race Recap

I've done this 4 mile road race once before. If was 2013 and I was 6 months post-partum. Since I had only recently started running my goals were to finish, have fun and helpfully run a sub 40! (Which Nicole and I did!)

Package pickup is easy and is held, the day before, at a local running store. There's an option to purchase shirts but I'm trying not to do that this year to save money. 

I signed up for the race again because of its low cost, chance to support College athlete programs with the registration fees and the course. The race is a mostly flat, out and back, course. There are some minimal rolling hills which I like. It can get a little congested at points but otherwise I found everyone seeded themselves well. 

I ran with June the whole time and Nicole was right behind us. We alternated listening to music. chatting and me telling her 4 miles isn't exactly 6k ;)

We hit the turnaround and stopped for a quick water break. June's hips have been acting up lately and I could tell they were bugging her again.

We only walked for about 30 seconds before taking off again. We were playing cat and mouse with another girl so I told June our goal was to beat her. She kept telling me to leave her but I wasn't having it. I didn't plan on racing and I enjoy running with friends and pushing them to finish strong. 

We took two more walk breaks before rounding the final corner and sprinting to the finish (ahead of the random target!) 

London was waiting for us so we walked over to say hi while we waited for Nicole! 

My totals: 10 miles- 1:37:40 (9:44 average) 

4 mile portion: 40:55

After the race, we took advantage of their post-race treats. They had a decent selection and I was starving after 10 miles! 

We didn't hang around for the awards since I wanted to get on the road for Calgary but there are cash prizes for the top finishers!

Congratulations to all the racers! See you next year!

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