Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekend In Review

Apparently, blog posts only go online if you hit *publish*  FAIL
Anyway, it's now Wednesday but I figured I would hit publish on this anyway since I love having these weekends to look back on.
Things have been a little hectic in my life lately but I'll catch you up tomorrow in my #ThinkingOutLoud post.
My Weekend in Photos
Took London to see Zootopia Friday night. It was a really cute movie but a little "darker" than we both expected. He kept hiding and said it was too scary but he's been asking for "the bunny movie" ever since so who knows. The theatre was PACKED and we had to ask people to move around so we could sit together. Yep, we were those people. (I refuse to sit in the front row. I made that mistake once, haha!) 

Saturday morning, I was planning to go to marathon club but there were some transportation issues with my new roommate. I dropped London off at his dad's and ended up running 8 miles solo. I listened to a podcast (Bachelor spin-off "We're Not Here To Make Friends" and enjoyed the "me" time!

After my run, I headed to my place to finally meet my roommate. She was sleeping so I didn't end up getting to see her until the evening.
Saturday night, I watched ROOM. I'm STILL thinking about it.

Sunday morning, I was up early to meet my friend Nicole for a hills workout. It was pouring rain but we had a blast!

Then, it was back home to grab my roommate to take her grocery shopping since she doesn't have a vehicle.
Sunday afternoon, I met a friend for coffee and then worked on planning my week.

Then, it was off to meet Jarod and London to go mini-golfing, grab some pizza and have frozen yogurt.

It was a great weekend that flew by too quickly (as they always do!)

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