Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #50

What a week! I feel like the last few days have flown by. If I'm being honest, the past couple months have been a whirlwind. I'm actually planning to take a random day off work, soon, to catch up.

Alright, lets kick off this Thursday like we always do.... by linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. Check out the details in her first post if you're new around here.


1. I wish I had an unlimited race/travel budget. I'm an ambassador (Rock N Blogger) for the Rock N Roll Marathon Series and we have free race entries. While I would love to run #alltheraces it's just not possible. To date, I'm signed up for San Diego and Las Vegas and am hoping to make either Seattle, Vancouver or Los Angeles happen but we'll see how the Canadian dollar is in a couple months.

2. Speaking of races, if YOU want to run any of the Rock N Roll Races you can use my discount code to help save some $$$!

3. I splurged on a new cookbook this week. I've been making Skinny Taste recipes for a few months and have yet to find one I don't love! I went into Chapters to pick up another book and this was sitting on the front display. I took that as a sign I needed it in my collection.

4. I'm going for some blood work tomorrow. My doctor wants to run some tests since I've been having some health concerns lately. It's nothing serious (we don't think) but I'm happy we may have some answers soon. I actually don't mind getting needles. I've been getting B12 shots and blood taken, once a month, since 2004.

5. I tried crossfit this week. It's a lot like the workouts I've been doing at home but I went with my running group so it was nice to have other people to workout with. I loved doing box jumps and would love to keep challenging myself on them. I brought London and he had fun working out alongside me.

6. I received my first adult colouring book! Thanks to an IG contest, I won a "Color My Run" (American spelling) from Jen. I haven't had a lot of time to use it yet but I think it'll be great for my next quiet night in. London already found it, and the pencil crayons, and has been "helping" me colour in it. He, of coursed, promised me he would "only colour in the lines." Ha Ha! Right!

7. London is my musical theatre buddy. He's gone to see a couple shows with me and is always asking when we can go to another. Well, last week I did a news story on a local school's production of Lion King and grabbed tickets! London and I saw Lion King, in Calgary, last year and he's asked to watch the movie a few times since. We went Tuesday night and had a blast! The show was 90 minutes (perfect length for a toddler) and he sat mesmerized for most of it. A few times he jumped out in the aisle and was singing and dancing along with the actors. So cute! I snagged us tickets to see another local school production of "Beauty & The Beast" Saturday so hopefully it's a hit too!

8 I'm ridiculously excited for Monday. It's the season finale of The Bachelor and the girls and I are, of course, getting together for our weekly viewing party at my place. We're stepping it up a little this week and the plan is to drink some champagne and June has ordered a special cake for the occasion (photos to come!)

9. But, first, the weekend..... I'm working late Friday night and then have a long run and a hills workout planned Saturday and Sunday. Other than that, London and I are going to a hockey game. I'm hoping to get the house cleaned and laundry done. I also really need to do my taxes.

What are you doing this weekend?
Have you seen a musical? 
Who wants to help me do my taxes? ;) 
Are you afraid of needles or don't mind them?


  1. mean the CORRECT spelling ;);)

  2. I love that cookbook Gina has some really fantastic recipes I hope you enjoy it!